A flurry of vandalism calls have the Yreka Police Department looking for the person or group responsible for the spray painting of a number of buildings and a local landmarks in Yreka.
A media report from YPD?details six calls for vandalism in and around the Fourth Street and Broadway area on March 22. Lieutenant Dave Gamache stated that a local attorney’s building, the building housing Sears and the statue of Randolph Collier near the Siskiyou County Courthouse were among the targets.
The word “Karuk”?and the acronym “ENP”?were painted on the surfaces, according to Gamache, who stated that it is suspected that the acronym is meant to signify “Eternal Native Pride.”?
Currently, there are no leads, Gamache said. He explained that a name used in graffiti can signify a statement from a group or someone trying to place the blame on that group.
Anyone with information can contact YPD?at 841-2300.