The unemployment rate for Siskiyou County is 19.4%, according to the Employment Development Department of the State of California.  Though not the highest on the list, the county does have an overall ranking of 50 out of the state's 58 counties.

Ranked at 58 (meaning it has the highest unemployment rate) is Colusa County with 27.6%.  Ranked at 1 is Mono county with 7.8% unemployment. 

The unemployment rate for the state as a whole for February was 12.8%.

According to the Department's figures, Siskiyou County has a labor force of 20,290 and, of that, 3,940 workers are currently unemployed.

Neighboring Shasta County is ranked 40th, with a 17.7% unemployment rate, and Modoc County comes in at 39 with a 17.6% rate.

Feeling the pinch even more than Siskiyou is Trinity County, which ranks 54th with a 22.3% rate.

Fairing better than the the statewide average is Humboldt County, coming in at 12.2%.