The Mount Shasta track and field team competed against some tough competition in the Eagle Classic Relays in Cottonwood last Friday. “For the most part our athletes were at or near the back of the pack but we came into this meet with no illusions that we would come home with a bag of metals,” coach Steve Nesheim said.
On the plus side athletes set 13 personal best records and earned two 2nd place team honors. Ironically, those medals came in the team’s newest event,  the pole vault. Freshman girls Christine Holst and Margot Mattson were second in the pole vault and boys varsity vaulters Connor Howard, John Holst and Ryan Geries were also second in the varsity boys pole vault relay.
“By occasionally competing  against big schools we can see where the top is. The next step is to find ways to reach the top in practice,” the coach said.
The Bears will get the chance on Thursday, April 1 at home in the Fair Weather Meet. “We will be against schools of our size and below. We will have the opportunity to compete on a level playing field,” Nesheim said.
Members of the 2010 Mount Shasta High School track and field team include: Riley Autry, Eric Banner, Kerstin Bree, Matthew Buchanan, Daniel Camp, Chris Cazneaux, Michael Cook, Ellen Crocket, Marina Davis, Tyler DellaBona, Sawyer Ducharme, Jose Estrada, Courtney Evans, Breyonna Gaines, Melissa Galindo, Ruben Galindo, Ryan Geries, Danny Giordanengo, Jerimiah Gould, Tenshiro Hanawa, Jordan Hanna, Kayla Harrison, Austin Herrick, Brendan Hickey, Celia Higer, John Holst, Katherine Holst Christine Holst, Conner Howard, Janelle Jaegel, Anton Tim Jaegel, Mckella Koho, Cody Lakin, Margot Mattson, Malclom Mattson, Travis McCurry, Cassi McNeil, Keith Ramshaw, Nikki Roda, Sara Rogers, Jennifer Rubio, Ellen Sampson, Lauren Savarese, Miller Sbarbaro, Keelin Shea, Garrett Shea, Lisa Shinohara, Whitney Spence, China Taylor, Paul Thelander, Callie Toews, Danielle Tongolini, Natasha Watson, Kendra Woodglass and Heather Zanni.