“Sasha (Judy Freeland Rossi) passed away on Good Friday, April 2, 2010 at St. Joseph’s hospital in Eureka, California. She died of breast cancer at age 62.
“She lived in the Mount Shasta area for over 30 years and had an office over the Mt. Eddy Bagel Shop for awhile.
“She had a BFA degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a Graduate degree in Art Therapy from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago/Rush Medical School,” by Rick Campos.
“Judy was Native American of her father’s descent. She motivated student awareness programs which resulted in government awareness programs like Greenpeace and other ’60s and ’70s groups who put a watch on the Neo Fascist movement spurred on by 1900s German Military movements.
“She taught children at schools and loved her son. She was a visual artist who made Japanese hemp paper and traveled to China.
“Momma loved to see the world. She loved Hare Krishna and the Dali Lama. She was poor and told me she could not get treatment for her cancer in Houston.
“Her last years were painful and she used hot springs to relieve the pain. She had lots of friends who loved her.
“She could not get cancer treatment but mental health wanted to give her the white man’s drugs so she would not cry, love you mom,” son Nick Rossi.
“Judy Sasha Freeland Rossi liked the Bagel Shop. She had a number of friends: Rob Barror, Russell and Ruth on a ranch, and friends Rich Arne and Mike Refken.
“She liked the Hot Springs at Big Bend and she thought they would help her cancer. She had a summer camp at City Park for kids. She would stay at my house periodically,” friend Louis Wright.