Community volunteers, parents, teachers and students came together on Friday, April 23 for a day of work in the Mount Shasta Elementary School garden.

Students were planting, clearing and preparing the beds for spring planting.

“Our goal is to bring [the garden] to life,” said community volunteer Debra Mulcahy. “It’s especially exciting for students to see the stages... children connecting to the earth is the best.”

About 12 parents came to the garden on Friday, along with three community members.

“One of our goals is to someday have the garden supplement the school’s lunch program with freshly grown vegetables,” said third grade teacher, Leslie Marconi.

Parent David Munson, owner of Leafstone Landscape,will be putting a drip system in the garden this year, free of charge, and Marconi said the school is currently looking for a coordinator for the garden project to help keep it in good shape over the summer.

If you’d like to help, call MSES at 926-3434 and ask for Marconi.