The Siskiyou Jaxx went 4-0 in the Brookings, OR, Tournament of Champions. The Jaxx beat Crater Lake 14-2, Del Norte 15-3 and Brookings 13-9, to get to the championship game against Crater Lake.  

The Jaxx beat Crater Lake in the championship game, 14-3.  

Game 1 vs Crater Lake, Andrew Ward (Yreka) and Travis Green (Weed) pitched a great game.

Game 2 vs Del Norte, Wade Berryhill (Yreka) threw a complete game.

Game 3 vs Brookings, LT Hisey (Dunsmuir), Travis Andrews (Weed) and Brad Thomas (Mount Shasta) combined to throw a win.

The championship game was started by Brandon Allen (Weed), who threw four innings. Clint Eastlick (Etna) came in as the power closer to strike out the side.  

Tournament home runs by Jake Mekeel, 2 (Dunsmuir), Brad Thomas (Mount Shasta), Caleb Eastlick (Etna), Travis Andrews (Weed).

Coached by Jon Cox, the Jaxx roster includes: Travis Andrews and Travis Greene of Weed; L.T. Hisey, Jake Mekeel and Brandon Allen of Dunsmuir; Ben Sampson, Colin Waterman, Chase Kamla, Dylan Morris and Brad Thomas of Mount Shasta; Wade Berryhill, Devin Howard, Taylor Barlow and Andrew Ward of Yreka; Clint Eastlick, Caleb Eastlick and Hank Johnson of Etna. Assisting Cox with the coaching duties is Keith Morris of Mount Shasta.

Home Run Derby
Jake Mekeel (Dunsmuir) won the tournament home run derby Saturday night in Brookings. A total of 12 competitors started and three went into the final round. Jake scored 9, with the next closest only scoring 3.