Many McCloud community members turned out Sunday afternoon to help celebrate McCloud Healthcare Clinic’s 10th anniversary and the dedication celebration honoring its founder, Mary “Bunny” Hearst-Ives.

Many McCloud community members turned out Sunday afternoon to help celebrate McCloud Healthcare Clinic’s 10th anniversary and the dedication celebration honoring its founder, Mary “Bunny” Hearst-Ives.

The McCloud Clinic opened its doors for the first time on Aug. 1, 2000, to serve the healthcare needs of the community.

Bunny Hearst-Ives, the great-granddaughter of publisher William Randolph Hearst, was a significant voice behind the conception and realization of the clinic. She served as clinic co-founder, board president, mentor and clinic inspiration, and she was committed to providing healthcare to the community without discrimination.

She was lovingly named “Bunny,” because she was born on Easter. Following a long battle with cancer, she passed away at the Hearst family ranch in 2004. She was 51.

Those attending the dedication celebration included five generations of the Hearst family, Congressman Wally Herger, county supervisors Jim Cook and Michael Kobseff, Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta president Ken Platou, and Doreen Bradshaw, head of the Health Alliance of Northern California.

On a podium  beneath a canopy set up to shield speakers from the hot afternoon sun, McCloud Healthcare Clinic Administrator Jennifer Malone welcomed everyone and introduced the clinic’s board of directors, staff and clinicians.

“Today we celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the McCloud Healthcare Clinic, and most importantly we dedicate The McCloud Healthcare Clinic in the memory and honor of a beloved community member, Mary ‘Bunny’ Hearst-Ives,” Malone said. “Mary ‘Bunny’ Hearst-Ives left a legacy... no, a powerful, purposeful legacy, to the McCloud community, and well beyond. A legacy to health, well-being and the opportunity for an enhanced quality of life.”

Representing clinic medical director Dr. Robert Adams, who was unable to attend, Physicians Assistant and clinic care provider Denis Hentrich said of Hearst-Ives, “Her willingness to assist, encourage and provide the means for the creation of this clinic simply requires that we honor her in this way. All of us who are involved in the operation of the clinic are proud to have a part in the dream she nurtured into a physical reality. We hold her efforts in high esteem and are proud that her memory is being recognized in this way. She was able to inspire well-directed activity on the part of interested citizens who worked hard to help her realize her dreams of a professional medical clinic in McCloud.”

He noted the presence at the dedication of many of those who were interested and involved in creating the clinic.

Hentrich said Hearst-Ives’ “legacy of service includes care given in the last year involving nine thousand office visits in areas as diverse as Primary Care Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Behavior Health, OB-GYN, Podiatric Medicine, Lab Services, Homeopathy, Physical Medicine and Telemedicine Consults, in a variety of specialties.”

“Bunny had a dream,” said Diane Brickell, president of the clinic’s board of directors. “A dream of providing quality healthcare in McCloud. That dream became her passion and as part of her passion she involved many people, many individuals, many meetings, over and over and over again, to try to get the clinic established. People would give up... Bunny would not.”

“We each follow the pathway of our own life and we leave footprints behind, and the footprints manifest themselves in the way we’ve touched  the life of others, of individuals, in the community,”?she said. “The clinic is the manifestation of the way Bunny left behind footprints and touched the life of others and continues to do so everyday.”

Brickell thanked the community for its support and thanked the Hearst family for their support of the clinic. “Now,” she said, “it is with gratitude and great pleasure we hereby dedicate the clinic in the memory of and honor of Mary ‘Bunny’ Hearst-Ives.”

Brickell asked that Bunny’s husband, Randy Ives, and her brothers, Stephen and George Hearst, come forward.  
It was an emotional moment when Randy and Stephen removed a covering from a large framed portrait of Bunny, followed by loud applause.

Stephen struggled to hold back tears and paused for a few moments before saying,  “It’s hard to talk after that. First of all, these things don’t happen by accident.”

He thanked Malone, the staff and the board for putting the dedication event together.

“It is the community here Bunny fell in love with, only after she fell in love with Randy,” he said. “She talked about the clinic constantly, and it was in the forefront of her heart and her mind at all times.”

He thanked everyone for attending and added, “We appreciate it and we know Bunny would.”

“It’s great to be here on such an important occasion," said George. “Five generations of our family are gathered here today. Bunny certainly had a passion for this mountain community. She had a passion for affordable and accessible healthcare for the community of McCloud. She put all her resources towards it, her time, her talent and her treasury. She clearly developed  a passion, not for her own vision but for the collective vision of others, and she saw it through to fruition.

“And so today as we celebrate this 10-year anniversary, we can take a great deal of satisfaction in knowing Bunny is looking down and is taking a great deal of satisfaction... to know her vision is fulfilled.”

In closing he asked that all the Hearst family members gather near the dedication photo of Bunny for photos.

Bunny was the daughter of Mary Thompson Hearst and George Hearst Jr., chairman of the Hearst Corporation. She was one of four children. Her two daughters, Shannon Maria Wickstrom and Alexis Apperson-Parker, both attended the dedication.

Following the dedication refreshments and cold drinks were provided for everyone.