The competition was as hot as the weather during the 2010 Weed Carnevale bocce ball championships Sunday afternoon at Bel Air Park.

Ron Dohrn and his son Jason won their second consecutive men’s title, but not before Josh and Hud Oates took them to the double elimination tournament’s limit.

The Dohrns defeated the Oates in Saturday night’s final winners’ bracket game, but Josh and his uncle defeated third place finishers

Jeremy Keen and Josh Blankenship to get another shot at the defending champs.

Then the Oates handed the Dohrns their first loss, pushing the tournament to a finale.

With the score tied 10-10, the Dohrns were in position to score three points, but a perfect lag by Josh moved the Oates into position to score 2.

Ron Dohrn then showed why he was on his way to a seventh Carnevale title – the first five with former partners Ron Servia and Chris Rizzo. His perfect final roll again moved the tightly backed balls around, giving the Dohrns a two-point lead that they never relinquished.

The women’s tournament didn’t get to a final championship game, but it came close.

Susan McKinnis and Sandy Robles went undefeated to claim the 2010 title, but they needed a 16-14 victory over second place finishers and former winners Jan Keen and Denise Dohrn to finish it off.

The win was the first for Susan McKinnis, who has been competing in the tournament since the mid 1980s.

For many years her teammate was her good friend Sandra Freeze. After Freeze passed away about five years ago, McKinnis teamed up with Robles.

McKinnis has continued to wear something each year that reminds her of Freeze, this year it was a t-shirt. She dedicated the victory to her late-friend, too.

“That was the most fun I’ve ever had,”?said Jan Keen, despite finishing second. “When you’re both playing good like that, it’s fun to play and fun to watch.”

Keen said McKinnis had “the best shot” in the finale. “We had the point,”?Keen said. “She rolled, and when it all came out, the boccine was in the middle surrounded by three of their balls. Her second ball was dead on every time.”

After McKinnis and Robles defeated Keen and Dohrn in Saturday’s final winners’ bracket game, Keen and Dohrn advanced out of the losers’ bracket by defeating Jane Faria and Jodi Dawson, who placed third.

Ron Dohrn said he and Jason weren’t rolling that great until the final game, but the teams they faced were even a bit less great.
Jason, who competes in a league in Sacramento, “is a good shot,” Ron said.

Jason said he grew up watching his dad play and always wanted to play with him. He went out of his way to make it to Weed this year, missing a wedding and his wife Courtney’s bocce ball championships back home.

Josh Oates, a former student of Ron Dohrn’s at Weed High School, once boasted during his high school days that he would beat his teacher.

“I?wanted to beat them bad,”?Oates after Sunday’s loss. He and Hud also placed second two years ago.

First place winners took home a check for $200, second place $50 and third place $25.