The pit bull who fatally attacked another dog in downtown Mount Shasta last month has been euthanized, said Mount Shasta animal control officer Gordon Howard.

Rhonda Bryant’s 15 year old cocker poodle, Nikki, had to be put to sleep after being mauled while walking on Mount Shasta Boulevard June 8.

Initially the pit bull’s owner, who was a transient from the Los Angeles area, couldn’t be located after his dog was quarantined, Howard said.

Eventually Howard located the owner and explained the situation, convincing him to sign ownership of the dog over to the city, he said.

After an evaluation into the dog’s adoptability, the pit bull was determined to be dangerous and was euthanized, said Howard.

The dog had been involved in at least one other violent incident in the Los Angeles area, Howard said. During the attack on Nikki, several people, including the pit bull’s owner, attempted to stop the fight. It took two sprays of mace before Howard was able to control the dog and take him into custody.

To help with Nikki’s vet bills, the Siskiyou Humane Society is currently accepting donations to help Bryant, who is on a fixed income.

Before making the difficult decision to say goodbye to her dog, Bryant had accumulated about $600 to $700 in vet bills, said shelter manager Kim Latos.

Those wishing to make a donation to for Bryant may do so at the Siskiyou Humane Society. Call Latos at 926-4052 for more information.