Despite sweltering temperatures into the high 90s, people flocked to Hoo Hoo Park in McCloud over the weekend to join in on the fun, food and games during the 63rd Annual Lumberjack Fiesta.  

As usual the highlight of the fiesta was the traditional logging show.
Youngsters as young as eight and adults came from near and far to compete in the logging show, testing their skills at axe throwing, choker setting, single and double buck events.

“This year's logging show had over fifty contestants,” said volunteer scorekeeper and advisor Donna Shedd, who is an axe thrower herself and loves competing.

“Overall, the vendors did very well this year,” said event spokesperson Diane King.

“Everyone should come out and enjoy McCloud,” said vendor JoAnn McClellan. “There's a lot of fun here.” McClellan lives in Dunsmuir and is no stranger to McCloud events. She boasts of having held the same booth space at the annual McCloud Flea Market for the past 27 years. She deals in collectibles, jewelry, antiques and “junque.”

Something special happened at the park this year. Not so long ago one of McCloud’s own met up with her soul mate, who happened to live in Dunsmuir at the time. After a few romps in the woods they decided to hitch up. On Friday evening, friends and family members gathered to help them celebrate and tie the knot during Fiesta.  

The wedding began with the song “Stand By Me.” Some laughed and some cried. When it was done and all the right heartfelt words were said, the couple swayed rhythmically and snapped  their fingers to the song “Hey Good Looking” as they moved into the large audience that was waiting to congratulate them.

Congratulations Patty Ballard... oops, Patty and Dale Faulkner.

Taylor Doughty, age 4, was selected as this year’s Little Miss Fiesta during Friday evening’s opening event, and Cayden Reginato, 5, was selected as Little Logger.

Throughout the weekend children kept cool at the waterslide and dunk tank. The power jump returned to Fiesta and saw a lot of business. The watermelon eating contest, sponsored by the McCloud American Legion,  and bubble gum blowing contest were well attended. Some of the youngsters enjoyed activities at the Head Start gazebo with Anne Mero and company.

An outdoor misting system was installed around the perimeter of the information gazebo and was a popular spot throughout the weekend.
World War II veteran Sam Sarti, a life-long resident of McCloud, was the grand marshal of this year’s parade on Main Street Saturday. He waved to the crowd from the back of his pickup while riding with his two daughters and granddaughter.

The McCloud Garden Club float was selected for the Judge’s Choice award.

McCloud fire engines, ambulance and rescue service vehicles, along with a US Forest Service engine,  jeeps, vintage cars and pickups  formed a long line in the parade. A California Highway Patrol incident command vehicle, an Office of Emergency Services vehicle, with wacker in tow, and a pickup  representing the Employment Development Department also participated.

Bikes and Beyond and the Storm Troopers drew a lot of attention.
Kids and adults representing the McCloud Community Resource Center marched along.

“The weekend went really well,” said Celeste Benedict-Gut, spokesperson for the Harold Benedict Memorial Horseshoe Tournament. “We had 36 players for the singles and 28 teams for the doubles. We made a donation of $385 to the Rec Council in memory of our brother, Harold Benedict.”

Volunteer Rob Rowley took command of the dunk tank over the weekend, and with megaphone in hand, he coaxed $438 from Fiesta-goers. Some of the people dunked included Jon Lopey, Lois Mero, and Shelley Cain.

“Half of the proceeds will go to the McCloud Rec Council and the other half to the McCloud Fireman’s Association,” said Rowley.

The Papa Anderson Memorial Softball Tournament also donated $500 to the McCloud Rec Council, and half of the beer booth’s donation jar will go to the library.

Several drawings were held Sunday and two bicycles donated by Weed Building Supply were given away, as well as two carved bears by local wood carver Danny Wilson.

The McCloud Lumberjack Fiesta is sponsored by the McCloud Recreation Council.

Fiesta weekend winners were as follows:

Parade results

Judges Choice – The McCloud Garden Club

Motorized – 1st, Siskiyou Motorcycle Association; 2nd, Jeep Club; 3rd, Jake Guthrie (Yellow truck).

Children’s – McCloud Community Resource Center
Service Organization – 1st, McCloud Fire Department; 2nd, Welcome Home Vets; 3rd, American Legion

Novelty – Storm Troopers

Non-Motorized – 1st, Harold Benedict Memorial Horseshoe Tournament; 2nd,  Bikes & Beyond

Logging competitions

Junior Axe Throw
8-10 – 1st, Brandon Davis; 2nd, Westley Cody; 3rd, Jordan Dapsis
11-13 – 1st, Kris Zanni; 2nd, Kolyn Cantrell; 3rd, Tommy Searle

Junior Choker Setting  
8-10 – 1st, Westley Cody; 2nd, Brandon Davis; 3rd, Morgan Miller
11-13 – 1st, Kolyn Cantrell; 2nd, Hannah Seeley; 3rd, Kris Zanni

Adult Competition

Powder Puff Axe Throw – 1st, Shannon Williams; 2nd, Renee Henault; 3rd, Kaylee Graves

Axe Throw (Men) –1st,  Thomas Porter; 2nd, Jason Hensley; 3rd, Chad Henson

Axe Throw (Business) – 1st, Thomas Porter; 2nd, Donna Shedd; 3rd, Shannon Williams

Axe Throw Pro – 1st,  Don Henson; 2nd, Shannon Williams; 3rd, Kyle Benedict

Single Buck – 1st, Thomas Porter; 2nd, Ryan West, 3rd, Kyle Benedict

Double Buck - 1st,  Chad Henson & Thomas Porter; 2nd, Ryan West & Mandi Stone; 3rd, Gary Sheets & Jason Henn

Jack & Jill – 1st, Shannon Williams & Thomas Porter; 2nd, Ryan West & Mandi Stone; 3rd, Ron Henson & Renee Henault

Jill & Jill – 1st, Misty Selam & Shannon Williams; 2nd, Renee Henault & Cindy Miller; 3rd, Jessica DellaBona & Sharon Dalleske

Choker Setting (Men) – 1st, Kyle Benedict; 2nd,  Ryan West, 3rd; Zack Fernandez

Choker Setting (Women) – 1st, Renee Henault; 2nd, Cindy Miller; 3rd, Jessica DellaBona.