Remembering Our Mother, Lorene Virginia Moore
March 24, 1919 ~ August 23, 2010

Mom was filled with passion and love and a thirst for Truth. She lived a courageous and adventurous life: she was a true pioneer.

Born on March 24, 1919 to Rev. June Thomas and Alberta Taylor Austin in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, she was an inquisitive child who loved to read, sing, and dream great dreams. One of her fondest memories was traveling with her father to different churches where he preached. As a youngster, she often sang during church services.

“Lo” as she was called, had a spiritually rich and busy childhood with her two brothers (Booker and Junior) and her four sisters (Lillie, Ethel, Bernice and Eloise). She grew up in a household fully grounded in the Baptist ministry.

She graduated from Langston University in 1940, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education.

She also met her husband, Eugene Ralph Moore, Jr. at Langston, and together they raised four children: Millicent Ruth, Kathleen Eve, Eugene Ralph (III) and Stephanie Maude.

Lorene and Eugene moved their family to San Diego during World War II where Eugene served in the Navy. They settled in a small, diverse community and worked very hard to expose their children to as much music, culture and beauty as they could. Mom always taught us that “nothing was impossible.”

Mom started her teaching career in San Diego, juggling work and raising four young children simultaneously.

She also began to explore some of the “new thought” and metaphysical teachings such as Unity, Religious Science, Christian Science and The Infinite Way (founded by Joel S. Goldsmith). In the sixties, Lorene and Gene moved their family to Los Angeles, where Mom continued her study and practice of metaphysical and mystical teachings.

She eventually founded an Infinite Way meditation group in the “inner city” of Los Angeles. This work was her greatest love—and it was this work that led her to make an independent move to Mt. Shasta in the early seventies.

In Mt. Shasta, Mom “reinvented” herself and established a new life, teaching kindergarten and first grade for more than 15 years. She also traveled extensively, and continued to develop her commitment to live a life by Grace.

For the past five years, Mom has been “in transition,” preparing to make the journey back to her “Father’s House.” Her four children, seven grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren have all been graced with the fullness of her Heart, and her conviction to live a life filled with the Presence of God. We honor her, and are deeply moved by the fact that she never wavered from her deep sense of love, duty and devotion to her family, and to “all of God’s children.”

The family wishes to thank Lorene’s friends, students, colleagues and the entire community of Mt. Shasta for your enduring love, friendship and support.