Lifetime resident Nick Mitchell is seeking to serve out Dunsmuir City Council member Mario Rubino’s term (which ends in 2012) if Rubino is recalled this November. Mitchell filed his candidacy forms in July.
After graduating from high school, Mitchell enlisted in the US Army. Following two years of service, he enrolled at Chico State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in financial management.
Mitchell then returned to Dunsmuir to purchase Thriftway Foods, and over the years he has been active in community service projects. For the past two years, he has served on the elementary school board.
Mitchell is a member of Citizens for a Better Dunsmuir, and the group recently organized a community volunteer effort to paint the Dunsmuir Branch Library.
Believing that Dunsmuir’s city government is going in the wrong direction, Mitchell and four other CFBD members are seeking seats on the city council.
“Dunsmuir is a great town full of wonderful people who deserve better representation,” said Mitchell. “There is a huge distrust of our city government and if I am elected, I will work hard to inform and involve the people. Trust has to be earned.”
Following the council’s adoption of multi-year water and sewer rate increases (to finance capital improvement projects), Mitchell became a proponent of the recall efforts against Rubino and Mayor Peter Arth.
Mitchell and CFBD have recently filed a lawsuit against the city in an effort to slow down the capital improvement project plans and roll back the recently raised utility rates.
“I believe the protest was done unlawfully and that a majority of people protested the rate increase,” said Mitchell.
If elected, Mitchell said that he will seek to rescind the rate increases and study the capital improvement projects more thoroughly before determining what the rates should be. He acknowledges that rate increases will be necessary, but not of the current magnitude.
Mitchell notes that he does not believe that all of the proposed water and sewer infrastructure projects are absolutely essential at this time.
To raise revenue for the capital improvement projects, Mitchell said he will seek to place an assessment measure on the ballot for voters to decide if they are in favor of an annual tax.  
Another of Mitchell’s goals is to reduce the size of the city’s administration. “Our administration is too large and costly for such a small town,” he said. Mitchell noted that if elected, he will research how the administration could be minimized without impacting existing services.
Mitchell said that the city must focus its resources on fixing the water and sewer systems. In general, Mitchell believes the city needs to use a more practical approach in deciding how money is spent.
Increasing tourism and the city’s population is another of Mitchell’s objectives. He maintains that the city should promote the river and railroad, and he said that more tourism will mean more people moving to the area and more businesses opening up shop.
Mitchell also stated that the city government must be transparent and involve the community in its decisions, For example, he noted that residents would benefit from town hall meetings, where citizens can express concerns and ask questions of the council in an open and informal environment.
“I love this town and the people. Being open, honest, and treating people fairly are traits that I strive for every day,” said Mitchell. “I would like to encourage everyone to get involved in helping to make Dunsmuir a better place for all.”