“It is my opinion that while living in a community it is important to take an active role to make it a successful and thriving place,” said longtime Dunsmuir resident Diane Dolf. In an effort to do that, Dolf has filed candidacy forms to be on the ballot this November for one of the full Dunsmuir City Council terms.
A Dunsmuir resident for 40 years, Dolf was an active volunteer at Dunsmuir Elementary School and in the high school Booster Club while raising her two children.
She has 33 years of office administrative experience, which includes nine years serving as an office manager for the Dunsmuir News back when the news office was in town.
A recent retiree of Castle Rock Elementary School where she worked as an administrative assistant for the past 16 years, Dolf said she believes her business background has prepared her to serve on the council, as she has experience exercising a common sense approach when working with budgets.
Now that she is retired, Dolf stated that she is ready to enter the political arena and tackle some of the tough issues currently facing the city of Dunsmuir. She filed her candidacy forms with the Siskiyou County Clerk’s Office on July 26.
Dissatisfied with some of the recent actions by the current council, Dolf became a proponent of the recall efforts against Mayor Peter Arth and Vice Mayor Mario Rubino.
She is also a member of Citizens for a Better Dunsmuir, a group that formed to retain an attorney to challenge the legality of the recently imposed water and wastewater rate increases.
Dolf is one of five CFBD members to file council candidate forms for the upcoming election.
“If the people elect a new council, I think this could be the beginning of more communication, openness and positive public relations,” she said.
“If elected, my first priority would be to further research the sewer and water situation,” Dolf stated, adding that she believes the council members acted hastily in their decision to take out a $5.319 million loan to fix the infrastructure all at once. “I would like to look at a pay-as-you-go approach to fixing the most needed areas first,” she continued.
Dolf noted that she does not have all the answers to the city’s loan alternatives but she believes the list of other possible solutions has not been exhausted.
Putting an end to wasteful spending would be another objective if elected, said Dolf.
She is particularly interested in looking into the Mott Airport which generates little revenue for the city. However, the city spent $57,000 in airport costs last year. “On the surface it looks like a waste of money for such little use by Dunsmuir residents,” she said.
Addressing past city business loan approval procedures that resulted in a significant loss of Economic Development Block Grant revolving funds, Dolf commented that as a council member, she would concentrate heavily on ensuring a better guarantee of loan repayment.
To stimulate economic development in Dunsmuir, Dolf suggests widespread marketing of the city’s abundant outdoor recreational opportunities, such as fishing, skiing and hiking.
Since Dunsmuir does not have theme parks or nationally known fast-food restaurants to entice travelers to pull off the Interstate, Dolf said the city should focus on attracting visitors with what it already has – natural beauty, clean water and a friendly small town atmosphere. This, she said, will bring visitors to the city and to its restaurants, increase TOT tax revenue and build on the city’s popularity as a tourist destination.  
To ensure safety and to maintain a positive quality of life for the Dunsmuir citizenry, Dolf said she is in favor of stricter enforcement of the city’s ordinances. Pointing out the overgrown weeds in private yards and the large number of unleashed, aggressive dogs roaming the streets, Dolf said the city must address these problems.
Overall, as a council member, Dolf said she would encourage citizen involvement in city issues.  
“My goal if elected is to listen to anyone who has an idea or an opinion,” stated Dolf. “I want to know what citizens’ concerns are. That opens doors and provides more avenues to consider.”