Published author and former Bavaria Lodge owner Maralee “Marty” Wofford said that she found herself complaining about the city government – so she decided to try to do a better job herself. In this spirit, she filed candidacy forms on July 26 for one of the three full-term Dunsmuir City Council seats.
The three terms that are scheduled to expire this November are currently being served out by councilors Ed Steele, Cherie DuPertuis, and Nancy Neubauer. All three incumbents have filed candidacy forms in an effort to hang on to their council seats for the next four years.
Wofford has lived in Dunsmuir for 11 years. She has owned and operated a hotel and was a member of the chamber of commerce while also serving on its board. During this time, she organized the Christmas Parade one year.
With an overall work history primarily in the secretarial field, Wofford describes herself as practical, frugal and full of ideas to improve Dunsmuir’s development.
“I do not believe in borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. Nor do I believe in spending money that I do not have,” Wofford stated.
Concerned about Mayor Peter Arth’s previous efforts to establish a medical marijuana nursery in the downtown area and the way that the council went about approving the multi-year water and sewer rate increases, Wofford said she decided to get involved in bringing about changes.
Wofford became a recall proponent of both Arth’s and council member Mario Rubino’s recall effort. She also joined Citizens for a Better Dunsmuir, a group that has filed a lawsuit against the city regarding the recently imposed utility rate increases.
Wofford stated that upgrading the water and sewer system should be the city’s top priority.
Not convinced that the current council’s plan to take out a $5.319 million loan is in the city’s best interest, Wofford said she would like to research the feasibility of a pay-as-you-go approach in fixing the water and sewer infrastructure.
Wofford maintains that mitigating the excessive noise from the Interstate should be another city priority. “I would like to see the city work with the state in finding a way to decrease noise from Interstate Five,” she said.
Recalling her former ownership of the Bavaria Lodge, Wofford pointed out that she received numerous customer complaints about the traffic noise. “I know first hand that we are losing countless visitors to our motels – and subsequently to our restaurants and other businesses – because of excess noise,” she said.
Furthermore, “If we want to be a destination city, we must act like a destination city,” Wofford said, noting that citizens and businesses must take it upon themselves to make the town as visually appealing as possible.
Wofford stated that she is in favor of strict enforcement of historic district ordinances in order to maintain the integrity of the district, and she wishes to serve on the Historical Committee.
Wofford has also submitted a letter of interest to serve on the loan committee to take an active role in ensuring that loan recipients repay their debts in a timely manner.
If elected, Wofford said she would strive for better communication between the city government and the citizenry.
“I’d like to see a regular column in the Dunsmuir News directly from the council,” said Wofford. “Each column would contain information about what will be discussed at the upcoming city council meetings and remind people that they are invited to attend the meetings.”
Wofford stated that she would also like to hold forums on a regular basis. At these forums, citizens would be encouraged to bring their concerns and suggestions directly to the council in an informal way.
“Now that I have the time, I feel that it is time for me to stand up for what I believe. It is my most fervent hope that I may be allowed to be a part of a resurgence of prosperity for Dunsmuir. I hope to make Dunsmuir everyone’s favorite hometown,” Wofford said.