Youth soccer is halfway through its season and going strong. Four days a week fields at Sisson and Shastice Park are busy with games between teams like the Sharks, Grey Wolves, Blue Bombers, Mighty Mights (m2), and Green Lightening. 

Parents line the sidelines armed with cameras and snacks.  During evening games experienced parents are ready with blankets and jackets for the moment the warm sun sets.

Some parents have only one soccer player in the family, others have several and often they are in different age groups.
Parents learn quickly how to be strategic on soccer days so they can catch at least some of each child’s game.

Occasionally mom or dad can position themselves at the Sisson fields to watch three games at once.

Mt. Shasta and Weed have enough kids to field 32 teams ages U-6 through U-14.  Four and five year olds make up the U-6 teams, with six and seven year olds on the U-8 teams and so on.  

U-6 players are prompted by their coaches on which direction to kick the ball and how to play the game.  

“U-8 is about building skills, team play, and playing positions said Green Apples coach Jack Leiffer. “We’re out there trying to keep it fun and getting them ready for the next level.”  

Progressively skills improve at each age level with the most competitive play between the U-12 and U-14 teams. Mt. Shasta, Weed, Yreka, and Scott Valley compete with each other in the upper levels.

Length of play and field sizes increase for each age group.  U-6 kids play 15 minute halves,  working up to 30-minute halves at the U-12 level and 35-minute halves for U-14.  Soccer games do not have quarter breaks or timeouts.

The field size changes from a 40 by 50 yard field (U-6) to 80 yards by 115 yards for U-14.

The season started with a jamboree on August 28 and will end Oct 27-31 with a Championship tournament for the U-12 and U-14 teams.  The U-10 teams’ tournament is scheduled for Oct 23-24.