Athletes from 28 high schools and middle schools competed in Mt. Shasta’s Cross-Country Invitational on Friday, Sept 24.
Junior high athletes ran 1.5 miles. The high school JV and varsity courses were 2.2 miles.
Mt. Shasta sophomores Katherine Holst and Ellen Sampson agreed that the course was less dusty this year due to recent rains.
“Last year we were ankle deep in dust on portions of the trail,” said Holst.
Both girls said they improved their times this year.  Holst placed 15th in girls JV and Sampson placed ninth in the varsity race. Holst also plays volleyball, so she runs cross-country to stay in shape. Sampson said she likes running cross-country.
“I love the feeling after a race,” she said. “The feeling that you’ve accomplished something that’s really difficult.”
Weed High School junior Brandon Williams said the race was “really exciting. I felt good throughout the whole thing. I like the course.”
Mt. Shasta cross-country coach Steve Nesheim has organized the event for the last eight years and the number of athletes has grown to nearly 400 with an estimated 200 to 250 spectators.
“If more people are coming, then you know there has to be something about the meet that is attractive,” said Nesheim. “Shastice Park is a beautiful setting for the event, and the course is described on as grass and dirt, with gradual hills in Shastice Park and the Mt. Shasta High School Campus. It’s easy for spectators to watch runners at the start and finish of the race and also along other sections of the course.”
Nesheim thanked John Zanni and Mike Rodriguez and the crew at the Parks and Recreation District for their help putting on this race.
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Top six Siskiyou County runners in each event were:
1.5 Mile Middle School Men
1. Cade Parker 9:11 Jackson Street
2. Matt Jochim 9:12 Jackson Street
3. Chris Morzenti 9:15 Sisson
4. Jacob Gross 9:20 Jackson Street
6. Brenden Berry 9:36 Jackson Street
7. Derek West 10:01 Jackson Street
 1.5 Mile Middle School Women
3. Jasmond Castillo 10:07 Dunsmuir
5. Rebekah Kimball 10:14 Jackson Street
6. Angelic Avery 10:27 Jackson Street
9. Kaitlyn Solano 11:17 Jackson Street
11. Abby Manley 11:31 Sisson
12. Emily Dienger 11:36 Jackson Street
 2.2 Mile Junior Varsity Men
5. Chris Cazneaux 13.58 Mt. Shasta
9. Matt Wood 14:19 Yreka
10. Cody Griffith 14:23 Yreka
14. David Neill 14:35.10 Yreka
16. Clayton Bunn 14:49 Yreka
27. Cody Lakin 15:38 Mt. Shasta
 2.2 Mile Junior Varsity Women
2. Chantell Fraser 16:38 Yreka
16. Katherine Holst 19:18 Mt. Shasta
22. Ashton Weed 19:42 Yreka
25. Alesha Wolfe 20:09 Yreka
26. Rachel Wiley 20:12 Yreka
28. Violet Bolstridge 20:22 Mt. Shasta
 2.2 Mile Varsity Men
2. Tim Williams 12:20 Yreka
3. Eric Neill 12:26 Yreka
14. John Whelan 13:07 Etna
25. Cody McDonald 13:59.10 Yreka
28. Gabe Best 14:01 Yreka
31. Tyler Moser 14:11 Weed
2.2 Mile Varsity Women
5. Emily Loogman 15:36 Etna
9. Ellen Sampson 15:54 Mt. Shasta
14. Lisa Shinohara 16:16 Mt. Shasta
17. Danielle Tognolini 16:32 Mt. Shasta
23. Janelle Jaegel 16:55 Mt. Shasta
31. Sara Rogers 17:47 Mt. Shasta