Facts about the Chile mine collapse.

Chile mine collapse fast facts

33 miners were stuck in the mine after it collapsed.

According to reports, the miners set an unfortunate record in being trapped underground alive the longest.

The miners are trapped 2,300 feet underground and may experience “the bends” when they surface.

The room the men were sheltered in is about the size of a studio apartment.

The wife of miner Ariel Ticona gave birth while her husband was trapped underground. The baby girl was named Esperanza, which means “hope.”

Thanks to a projection camera fed underground, the miners were able to watch the Chilean national soccer team play a game.

Experts say the miners have each lost about 17 pounds during the ordeal. Some lost more in order to fit into the rescue pod.

The miners will be shielded from the media as and after they are rescued. They will immediately be taken to a hospital, and no media will be allowed to contact them there.

The ride up is expected to take about 15 minutes. The miners are on a special diet - designed by NASA - to help guard against vomiting during the ride in the pod.