According to the latest Report of Registration released by the Siskiyou County Clerk’s Office, 25,919 residents of Siskiyou County are registered to vote in the Nov. 2 general election.

That includes 8,777 Democrats; 10,617 Republicans; 4,915 who declined to claim a party affiliation; and a number of others associating themselves with the American Independent Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party, and Peace and Freedom Party.

The total number of voters is down about 700 people from October 2008, Siskiyou County Clerk Colleen Setzer said.

“You typically see a big increase for presidential elections,” she said.

Many of those new voters fall under the “decline to state” category as opposed to registering Republican,?Democrat or another party, Setzer said.

“I think we’re seeing an increase in the number of voters who decline to state their affiliation more than we are seeing a drastic change in specific political parties,” Setzer said. “This year, I think that is driven by the Tea Party movement – people who are voting their conscience and not along political party lines.”

Nationwide, however, analysts are saying it will be a big year for Republicans.

Gallup reports that Republicans usually turn out in higher numbers in midterm elections than Democrats, and a recent nationwide Gallup poll shows that Republicans are currently twice as likely as Democrats to be “very” enthusiastic about voting.

Residents who do head to the polls or who mail in ballots will be casting votes for several positions, measures and propositions.

In addition to the state and county positions, there are nine state propositions on the ballot, including those dealing with legalizing marijuana, redistricting congressional districts, prohibiting the state from taking local funding and more.

Local measures on the ballot include:

•?Measure B – Changing the position of Mount Shasta city clerk from an elected position to an appointed position;

•?Measure C – Changing the position of Mount Shasta city treasurer from an elected position to an appointed position;

•?Measure D – Increasing the general tax for privilege of transient occupancy by 2 percent, setting the total transient occupancy tax at 10 percent;

•?Measure E – Allowing the Scott Valley Unified School District to issue $5.9 million in bonds for school improvements;

•?Measure F – Proposing to levy an annual special tax on property located in the Greater McCloud Fire and Emergency Response Zone for funding fire and emergency response services;

•?Measure G – An advisory vote asking if several Klamath River dams should be removed.

For more information about local elections, call the clerk’s office at 842-8084, visit the office at 510 N. Main St. in Yreka or log on to /

For more information about statewide elections, visit the California secretary of state’s website at

Setzer also reminded the public that, as part of the Official Election?Canvass, the mandated hand-count of 1 percent of ballots cast in the election is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 10 at her office. The public is invited to observe the process. Call the clerk’s office for more information.