After months of renovation and planning, the Pilot Travel Center in South Weed was opened last week, much to the delight of motorists on the hunt for lower gas prices.

When the pumps were switched on Monday morning, the gas and diesel prices were several cents lower than at other gas stations nearby, attracting traffic and many people curious to venture inside.

Ron Nadeau, the store’s general manager, said 48 employees were hired to man the store, approximately 20 of which work in the facility’s attached Subway restaurant. The others are maintenance workers, cashiers or deli personnel, Nadeau said.

The entire inside of the building was completely redone over the past months, Nadeau said. The station now features a full deli, selling fresh fried chicken, pizza and more, a small arcade area and seven showers plus new diesel pumps and increased above-ground diesel tanks. This summer, Nadeau said Pilot is planning to upgrade the gas pumps, which should make pumping much easier and more efficient.