The question
People are wondering – what is this gigantic globe doing in front of Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta?

The answer
The globe was a gift from Coolglobes, a public art exhibition designed to raise awareness of solutions to climate change. Catholic Healthcare West was given a globe because of their commitment to sustainable practices, such as their highly successful recycling program, said Joyce Zwanziger, Mercy’s community relations manager.

“We volunteered to be the first CHW hospital to take the globe,” she said. CHW has 42 hospitals total. “We’re just hosting the globe for now.”

This particular globe was made designed by Tomaro Design Group and crafted by the Manhattan Beach Brownie Troop No. 8505. It’s titled “Green Architecture,” according to a small plaque at its base.

Cool Globes premiered in Chicago and went on tour across the country from Washington DC to San Francisco, San Diego, Sundance, Los Angeles and Houston.

If you’d like to see more globes currently on display around the country and internationally, you can do so at the Coolglobes website,
The website also contains information about global warming and what we can all do to make the earth a healthier place.