Dunsmuir ratepayers will not see their water bills go up as scheduled on Aug. 1.

By a 4-1 vote Thursday the city council decided to postpone its planned second water rate increase until after it sees the results of water rate study conducted earlier this year.

But, councilors warned, water rates are likely to rise when those results come in. “Probably the smartest thing to do is to let the ratepayers know we need to increase rates 1% to 2% per year,” said Vice Mayor Chris Raine.

City manager Jim Lindley apologized to the council and to the town for the Rural Communities Assistance Corporation water rate study results coming in so late. “We want to make to sure everything is correct,” he said. “Action will be taken, depending on the results.” He recommended the city council initiate another Proposition 218 process.

Mayoral appointments

Per municipal code, stating that the mayor appoints and the council approves committee appointments, Mayor Nick Mitchell filled three open seats on the Dunsmuir Planning Commission and two seats on the Loan Committee Thursday.

Mitchell presented the nominees as two slates, which were unanimously approved by council members with a 5-0 vote.

New commissioners Christine Cox, Tim Padula and Steve Kirkwood will join Barbara Cross, Rick Galassi, Dick Kelby and Ron McCloud to fill all seven seats on the Dunsmuir Planning Commission. Len Foreman and Mike Lucia will take seats on the Loan Committee, with existing members Mitchell, Raine and Nancy Neubauer.