The Nature Conservancy will be hosting a Fall Open House this Saturday, Oct. 22,  from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the  Shasta Big Springs Ranch for a look at the fall salmon run.

Fall Chinook salmon are spawning in local rivers, giving Northern Californians a rare opportunity to see these majestic fish as they swim back upstream to spawn after spending several years in the ocean.

“We are opening the gates of Shasta Big Springs Ranch so people in the area can see these amazing fish up-close in a way that is rarely possible anymore in California,” said Amy Hoss, project director for the Nature Conservancy’s Shasta River Project. “The Fall Chinook numbers returning to spawn are expected to be exceptionally high this year, so visitors will be treated to a site not seen in many years.”

The spawning salmon will provide photographers and nature enthusiasts with great subject matter.

Visitors will be able to see female salmon guard and build nests and males compete with each other for spawning opportunities.

Staff from The Nature Conservancy and the Department of Fish and Game will be available to answer questions and lead short walks to see spawning salmon.

“Whether you want to come by yourself or bring your family, this will be a wonderful day to both enjoy the beauty of Shasta Big Springs Ranch and see one of nature’s most extraordinary phenomena,” Hoss said.

Parking for the event will be available near the Louie Road Bridge over the Shasta River (4 miles east of I-5 on Louie Road).

Call 926-3199 for more information.