What could Weed’s first mortuary, McCloud’s Champion Mill, a herd of ‘oddball’ horses, and four archaeological studies of an ancient civilization along Pakistan’s Indus River possibly have in common?

All are subjects painted over the past 30 years by Anne Kinkade, and all will be shown during an artist’s reception November 5th at the Weed Library.

Sixteen pieces of Kinkade’s work will be showcased and sold at the event.

“I’m drawn to places, people, and animals that have a soul to them,” Kinkade mused. “I’m mesmerized, almost. Something catches my eye or tickles my mind – a sense of the settled past or the chaotic present or an unusual blend of color and texture. For reasons beyond my understanding, I have to give it expression.”

“It’s like I’m a vessel or a vehicle,” Kinkade added. “I have to portray what I see and feel; I guess you’d call it the joy – and the madness – of creativity.”

Kinkade will donate all proceeds from the sales of her work to the Weed library. “I love small libraries like ours,” she said. “They feed the soul and nurture the mind. They start children seeking adventures through books, cover to cover. What could be better than that?”

Call 938-4769 to learn more about the 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday, November 5th  reception, which will be held at the Weed Library, 780 S. Davis Road.