In Peter Mt. Shasta's second book, “Adventures of a?Western Mystic,” he tells the story of how he was called to the mountain in 1973.

As a Mount Shasta native, I’ve always been fascinated to hear how different people end up here in this little mountain town. Over the years, I’ve heard stories ranging from the mundane to the fantastic.

Peter Mt. Shasta’s story most definitely falls into the fantastic category.

In Peter’s second book, “Adventures of a?Western Mystic,” he tells the story of how he was called to the mountain in 1973.

In the first chapter, Peter describes his encounter with the ascended master St. Germain while meditating in the Muir Woods near San Francisco 40 years ago.

Though at first, Peter took St. Germain for a fellow hiker, he soon revealed himself for what he was, Peter said.

“He stood motionless before me for a moment, then transformed from a young hiker to a white-robed Master, whose dark, penetrating eyes sparkled with the love and wisdom of God made manifest,” Peter writes. “I began to realize this was... the one to whom I had just prayed – none other than the Ascended Master Saint Germain!”

Peter said St. Germain told him to return to Mount Shasta, which he had visited the year before.

“The first person you meet there will tell you what to do next,” Peter writes.
When Peter arrived, he was  told he was supposed to meet a woman named Pearl, who had been told by St. Germain to expect him.

What follows is a personal description of the adventures and lessons Peter learned through many encounters with enlightened beings.

He writes that he changed his name to Peter Mt. Shasta because St. Germain told him that’s what he was meant to do, before he knew he’d be living here.

Since the book’s release, Peter said he has received many calls and has been traveling widely. He recently returned from a trip to Switzerland and Germany, where he led meditations to teach others to still their minds, feel their higher self and “use affirmations to change their reality and help other people through planetary service” and how to bring these teachings into daily life.

“Words influence attention, attention influences your reality,” Peter said. “What your attention is on is what you become... positive phrases and affirmations can change your life.”

Though Peter speaks about the “higher presence” or “I AM presence,” as well as personal encounters with St. Germain, he said he’s not connected with the St. Germain Foundation.

Brought up in Scarsdale, New York, a suburb of New York City, as a young man Peter practiced yoga and traveled to India to learn from yogis there.

“Returning to the States, I no longer desired to remain on Earth,” he writes. “I had experienced all the transitory pleasures life could offer and no longer wanted to remain in a world peopled by those still pursuing those empty values.”

After his meeting with St. Germain, “I chose to remain on Earth and become an apprentice in his work of helping liberate humanity from the materialistic delusion that holds it in its glamorous embrace,” Peter said.

During his four decades as a Mount Shasta resident, Peter has been a member of the Mount Shasta Chamber of Commerce, and became involved in the real estate business. He learned how to fly at the Weed airport and became a private pilot. He’s also worked as a holistic health practitioner and astrologer and has worked in the Hollywood movie business.

Over the past 40 years, Peter said he’s seen a change in the town of Mount Shasta – from the days when signs declaring “No Longhairs Allowed” were hung in the doors of restaurants, to today’s proliferation of crystal shops  that warmly welcome “new age” customers.

Though his teachings are sometimes referred to as “new age,” Peter doesn’t fully agree with the term.

“It might be ‘new age,’ but it’s old as time,” he commented. “We look everywhere for happiness. We think it’s in money, a new partner, our climate, but it’s really inside us all the time.”

“Adventures of a Western Mystic” is available at Village Books, The Booknook and Soul Connections. Peter’s first book, “‘I AM’ The Open Door” and DVDs of teachings in the Becoming a Master series are also available.

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