Catholic Healthcare West, the parent organization of Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta, announced Monday it has changed its name to Dignity Health as part of a governance restructure.

Ken Platou, President of Mercy Mt. Shasta, said Dignity Health hospitals will “remain committed to the overall health of the communities we are so privileged to serve.” The restructure will not affect employees or patients, according to a press release.

Under the new governance structure, Dignity Health is a not-for-profit organization, rooted in the Catholic tradition, but is not an official ministry of the Catholic Church, according to the release.

“The new structure and name enable the organization to grow nationally, while preserving the identity and integrity of both its Catholic and non-Catholic hospitals,” the release continues. “The organization’s Catholic hospitals will continue to be Catholic... Dignity Health’s non-Catholic hospitals will continue to be non-Catholic, adhering to the Statement of Common Values.”

Mercy Mt. Shasta, as well as Mercy Redding and St. Elizabeth’s in Red Bluff, are Catholic facilities.

Lloyd H. Dean, the organization’s president said the changes would enhance the organization’s ability to work across the spectrum of health care.

“Changing our name to Dignity Health reflects our commitment to excellent care for all in need and to being a national leader in quality care,” Dean said. “The new structure supports our long-term plan to grow and coordinate care, while reinforcing our mission of service.”

Dignity Health also adopted a new logo, which represents the coming together of many caregivers, services and care centers to create a continuum of care. The three curved sections represent the three parts of the organization’s mission – quality care, advocacy, and partnering. The logo surrounds and embraces a central space, symbolic of how an integrated health system embraces and serves the individual.