The Siskiyou Tea Party Patriots of Mount Shasta will be hosting Republican Assembly candidate Brian Dahle of Lassen County this Thursday, Feb. 16 at 6 p.m. at The Abundant Life Church at 935 N. Old Stage Road in Mount Shasta.

Dahle is running for Assembly in the newly created District One.

“I could not stand idly by and let Sacramento continue down the path of self-destruction,” Dahle is quoted as saying in a Siskiyou Tea Party press release.

According to a release from Dahle’s campaign, he promises to sponsor a balanced budget amendment, reduce the size of state government and remove state regulations that stifle economic freedom.

He emphasizes his farm heritage, business acumen and county leadership as begin among the skills that make him well suited to serve in the Assembly.

He is a four term Lassen County Supervisor. Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting.