Filled with raunchy and irreverent humor in the style of HBO’s Eastbound and Down, a local group of actors is busy creating the second season of an internet show cleverly titled “Almost Out of Weed.”

Filled with raunchy and irreverent humor in the style of HBO’s Eastbound and Down, a local group of actors is busy creating the second season of an internet show cleverly titled “Almost Out of Weed.”

Weed’s Dustin Wood, who wrote, starred in and directed the first season in 2009, said he’s excited to be making more episodes with the help of friends Matthew McWilliams, Kale and Cory Coppin and Nicholas LeGuellec.

The show, which Wood describes as a “mockumentary,” is centered around Wood’s character ?Dustin, a clueless aspiring actor who’s desperate to become famous and get out of his hometown. At the end of the last season, Dustin and his best friend, Jonny, got an agent and moved to Los Angeles. Season two starts when only Dustin comes back home.

The Coppin brothers play two idiot musicians who become Dustin’s roommates. McWilliams is the mysterious drunk roommate, and 17 year old LeGuellec is the secretary for the Coppins’ band.

Wood said the show’s material comes from things that have actually happened to him and his friends in real life, and much of the show is improvisation, with the friends working to make one another laugh.

“We kept all possible elements of the first season, including the theme song – and me – but we’re making the second season even better by using professional camera equipment, an actual camera crew and a new cast of actors,” Wood said.

But don’t count Jonny Connor out – Wood said his character may be back for the season finale.

Wood and the rest of the Season Two cast are heavily involved with the College of the Siskiyous theater department. They were part of last month’s successful production of “Straight Camp,” put on by the college’s Musical Comedy Club.

“Kale and Cory wrote the music and lyrics for Straight Camp... they’re amazing,” Wood said. “I can honestly say they’re the most talented musicians that haven’t been discovered yet.”

Wood also complimented McWilliams’ and LeGuellec’s talent and humor.

“When you first meet them they seem quiet and mild mannered, but they are so funny. They’re comedic geniuses. It’s like a super team of talented people – and me – all in a show together,” said the always modest and self-depreciating Wood.

After making four episodes for the first season of Almost Out of Weed, Wood wrote a play that won COS’s One-Act contest. “Occupied Loneliness” was produced as part of the Student Drama Club’s one-act festival in May, 2009, and Wood played the leading role.

The play is about a guy down on his luck, whose mom  dies and at the same time he gets dumped by his fiancee.

Wood said his own life ended up taking similar turns, and he went through a rough patch when he wasn’t able to film Almost Out of Weed anymore.

He was recently encouraged to jump back in by LeGuellec, who saw the show online.

“He said, ‘do you know you’re on the internet?’” Wood laughed. “He told me I should make more episodes, and I asked if he’d like to be in them. So that’s how it started again.”

The first episode of the second season premiered last week, Wood said, and can be seen exclusively on Facebook at

“"I am very happy to be a part of the show, because after Straight Camp we were all looking for something to collaborate on.” said LeGuellec.

The show has already had a good number of views, and the group has material for at least 15 more episodes ready to go.

“I didn't expect one episode of an internet show to grow in popularity,” LeGuellec said. “The other day I walked out of class and was recognized by somebody I didn't know who was a fan of the show. Its awesome.”

“I was surprised at what a broad audience actually watched the first episode and liked it,” said McWilliams, who started making movies five years ago with his older brother, Daniel. “It was great to see how many different types of people were reached with our brand of humor... What I like about the improv approach is the realistic nature the conversations take. It’s similar to a conversation you would hear people our age actually having. Thats what gives it that documentary feel.”

“The town has been really great about letting us film at different places... It’s awesome, because Weed’s almost a character in the show. The town’s the one thing that’s always there for Dustin,” Wood said.

Wood hopes people enjoy the show, and dreams of one day being able to act and get paid for doing it.

“I just want to help my dad out,” said Wood. “I just want him to wake up in the morning and not feel stress about money. He’s the strongest person I’ve ever met, and I definitely got my sense of humor from him. That’s how I test something to see if it’s funny...  if Dad laughs, I know it’s good.”

Like Eastbound and Down, Almost Out of Weed contains edgy, adult humor and is not intended for children or those who are easily offended. New episodes are scheduled to be posted on the Almost Out of Weed Facebook page on Fridays.

With his knack “for writing crap that comes true,” Wood said he should write about a guy who gets a hot girlfriend and becomes a successful actor in Hollywood.

Until then, though, he’ll be making people laugh with Almost Out of Weed.