Far from the shores of Norway, three members of the heavy metal band BULK have fallen in love with the town of Weed.

Far from the shores of Norway, three members of the heavy metal band BULK have fallen in love with the town of Weed.

“The people are so nice and welcoming,” said guitarist Andre Myhren, who is enjoying his third visit in Weed with band mates Vidar Braun and Lars Erik Schjerpen. They’re currently recording an album of mellower music at Radiostar Studio.

When asked their favorite part of Weed, they quickly replied “the bowling alley.” While in town, Cedar Lanes is their favorite haunt, where they consume great amounts of Jägermeister and enjoy mixing with the locals, said Radiostar owner Sylvia Massy.

“Weed is perfect,” said Vidar, who plays bass and backup vocals for Metal Heads With Broken Hearts. Though the three are still part of BULK, they are also fond of mellower music and are recording an album they describe as “stoner grunge pop.”

With influences including everything from Alice in Chains, Nirvana, the Beach Boys and the Beatles, their first single from the new album “Something’s Wrong” is now available in the US on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

“Weed is full of good people and nature,” said lead vocalist Lars. “It’s good to get away from everything, travel, come here and not worry about anything to concentrate on music.”

“We’ll always come back here,” said Lars. “It’s not even a question. We’ve found a gold mine.”

Among the places they’ve visited in the past two weeks are the Mount Shasta Brewery, the hot springs at Stewart Mineral Springs, and the Mount Shasta July 4 celebration, which they enjoyed.

“We saw the fireworks at the driving range,” said Andre. “It was cool, we saw McKenna Faith... it was a cool concert.”

Though they’re disappointed they won’t be around for the Weed 4&20 Blackbird Festival on Aug. 4 and 5, Massy said she’s creating a drink named after BULK to be served at one of the venues. Of course, it will contain Jägermeister as the main ingredient.

“These guys are legend,” Massy said. “They are infamous, and so much fun. Plus, they bring me chocolate from Norway.”

They’re excited to be working at Radiostar, which they first visited in 2009 to record a BULK album with Sylvia Massy. This album is being produced by Richard Veltrop and mastered by Stephen Marcussen. It’s being recorded with help from drummer Dave Elitch from the grammy winning band Mars Volta.

If you’d like to meet Vidar, Lars and Andre, chances are, they’ll be at Cedar Lanes any late night through this week. Andre said they’ll buy you a Jägermeister if you stop in and say hi.