Only some of the many parts of our weekly newspaper get posted to the free section at, and features photo galleries and local blogs that aren't found in the print edition. Local videos can also be found on the website.

Only some of the many parts of our weekly newspaper are posted to the free section of Listed below are some of the stories that are exclusive to this week's print edition and online E-Edition:

Only in print

• Improving swimming skills and creating lifelong swimmers (story), A9
• A love of racing and family, B1
• Letters to the Editor, A4
• Live entertainment calendar, In The Spotlight
• 2012 Weed Carnevale special section

Only on

• Photos: South Siskiyou Swim Team gallery by Liz Pyles
• Photos: 2012 String Summit concert gallery by Liz Pyles
• Blogs... by staff and community members

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