The question

Why do streets such as Washington Drive and, to a lesser extent, parts of Alma Street go unattended, while other streets that are in good condition are getting their nice chip seal coats? Are there plans to repair streets such as Washington or Alma?

The answer

Alma Street is scheduled to be completely reconstructed with State Transportation Improvement Program funding sometime in 2013 or 2014, said Mount Shasta's Public Works Director Rod Bryan.

"It's our next major project, which was supposed to already have been completed, but the state budget pushed it back," he said.

The entire street will be rebuilt, all the way down to its sidewalks (which are uneven and cracked in several places) and new bike lanes, Bryan said.

As far as Washington Drive goes, Bryan said there are no major projects planned.

"In the city's Capital Improvement Plan, there are a lot of issues that need attention... With Washington, there are right-of-way issues and it would be a lot more costly and difficult to complete," Bryan said.

Over the summer, streets including North A, North B and North C street, Russel, Orem, Hercules, Sarah Bell, Lennon, Kylynn Court, Loveta and South Mt. Shasta Boulevard from Bear Springs Road to the I-5/Highway 89 Interchange were chip and fog sealed.

"The bottom line is there are a lot of streets that need attention," Bryan said. "We have to prioritize and fund things when we can."

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