Siskiyou Union High School District trustee Linda Wallace said she's seeking a second term because she has learned the operations of the board and would like the opportunity to continue.

"I've worked on grants for the school and plan to work on more," Wallace said. "Helping educate the young people of America is the most important thing I can do to help."

A retired educator, Wallace is finishing her first four-year team. She is on the Nov. 6 General Election ballot for the District's Area 2 trustee seat with another former educator, Gregg Gunkel.

Area 2 encompasses Mount Shasta and the surrounding neighborhoods, but all residents of the district can vote for all SUHSD trustee positions, regardless of which Area they live in.

"Education has always been a part of my life," said Wallace, who spent 19 years teaching in local schools. Since 1998, she's been a columnist for the Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers.

Wallace said she's a good listener. She reads and researches before making decisions and enjoys working with board members and the administration of the SUHSD.

"I respect their opinions and do my best to be effective in my decision making to benefit the education process," Wallace said.

In times of tight finances, Wallace feels the board must constantly review a master plan that keeps track of what each school needs, improve programs to keep students in school, research grant possibilities and keep the community involved.

She said she supports both statewide propositions 30 and 38 because they support education.

"Taxpayers don't want their taxes elevated. Our state and federal government has to get behind education and put it as a priority," Wallace said. "We need to keep our money in the US and support education."

If reelected, Wallace said she'd like to see the board work on grants to support the arts.

"I would like to see students doing more job shadowing and work experience programs. It would be great to see Mount Shasta become a demonstration school to 'Go Green.' Our congressmen, senators and elected officials need to understand the full cost of education, the value of education, and support it."

Wallace was raised on a ranch between Cedarville and Eagleville, Calif. She attended and graduated from Chico State University.

She has lived in Mount Shasta for 38 years; both of her sons attended and graduated from district schools. Her husband, Rick, is a retired Weed High School teacher.

"I believe our high schools should educate the individual student to reach their potential," Wallace said. "Because the world is changing so rapidly, each student will need to continue their education... enabling them to contribute to society. Technology must be a part of that learning. Every student needs to be adept on the computers because jobs of the future require it. The Internet has made our world more global, especially in communications."