Meda Catherine Karl, a Mount Shasta resident for 18 years, died quietly in her home on January 14, 2013. Exact cause of death is undetermined, but a recent illness had left her in a weakened condition.

Born in San Francisco, California in 1943, and raised in San Bruno, California, Meda had been a middle school teacher in Pacifica for approximately 25 years before moving to Mount Shasta.

In Mount Shasta she work at the Siskiyou Humane Society animal shelter before retiring. She was known by all for her love of “critters” both domestic and wild. Bird watching was her latest joy and hobby.

Meda cultivated a love for Mount Shasta during women’s retreats and workshops that she participated in, many in Mount Shasta and at Stewart Mineral Springs.

Moving to Mount Shasta was a leap of faith, but one that Meda never regretted. She was unable to get out into nature in her last few years, but she was happy to see the majestic mountain and landscape outside of her window every day.

Meda is survived by her sisters, Geri and Peggy Redpath; and her beloved dachshund Buddy and two cats. She will be missed.

A memorial buffet dinner will be arranged for friends and family on Saturday, February 2 at 4 p.m. where she resided at 503 Le Baron Drive.

Anyone who would like to come by to pay their final respects will be welcomed. For more information email to:

Arrangements are in the care of Mt. Shasta Memorial Chapel.