HORSE CREEK – The owner of a dog rescue shelter in Horse Creek is on the verge of eviction and now she is frantically searching for another suitable location to house the 36 dogs in her care.    

Charlot McClendon, operator of the independently-run Dexter’s Rescue Remedy,  said  she faces eviction because she has been wrongfully accused of not paying rent.

Adoption fees pay for the day to day costs of running the shelter.   

Among the 36 dogs in her care, many of whom are hounds that have been abandoned, McClendon said 12 of them are seniors with special needs including blindness.    

“Needless to say, that would be quite a burden on animal control,” said McClendon, who cares for the animals with two family members and a friend. 

She noted that she actively searches for homes for the dogs in her care, and their photographs and information are featured on 

Siskiyou County Chief Animal Control Officer Ron Fisher stated that he has known McClendon for several years as he has inspected her facility, and he said he believes the animals are well cared for.    

“I guarantee Charlot will find a place for those dogs,” said Fisher. “Those dogs are her life.”     

McClendon said she is seeking donations and help from the community to relocate the dogs. For more information, McClendon may be reached at 496-3276.      

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