Fashion Night by Bravo premieres Wednesday with the return of The Rachel Zoe Project (9/8c) and It's A Brad, Brad World (10/9c). TV Guide Magazine talked to stylist Brad Goreski for a preview of the celebs, couture and drama coming ...

Fashion Night by Bravo premieres Wednesday with the return of The Rachel Zoe Project (9/8c) and It's A Brad, Brad World (10/9c). TV Guide Magazine talked to stylist Brad Goreski for a preview of the celebs, couture and drama coming in Season 2 of his show.

TV Guide Magazine: Your business is on fire! What will we see this round that's different from your first season?
Goreski: Viewers will really get to see me in my full styling capacity. The show is jam packed with celebrity styling jobs to photo shoots to me working all over the world in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and Dubai. You really get to hear my point of view and why I put my clients in the things that they wear. People will see the Brad Goreski brand continuing to grow, and get a deeper view into how I actually work.

TV Guide Magazine: The season opener showcases your new business ventures. Tell us about your new styling gigs.
Goreski: We start off at New York Fashion Week, and I'm the brand stylist for Kate Spade New York. I'm not just a stylist for celebrities and red carpets. I'm working with a major worldwide luxury brand and I am responsible for creating the image and tone for a collection of 30 outfits.

TV Guide Magazine: But you still have a star-studded season.
Goreski: Obviously my focus is working with celebrity clients but that's not the only thing that I do. Minka Kelly is in the season premiere. She's so incredibly beautiful and sweet, and I really wanted her to have a big moment at the Jenny Packham show. We hit a little bump in the road on our way to the show. You'll know what I mean when you see the first episode.

TV Guide Magazine: What other celebrity clients will we see you working with?
Goreski: Petra Nemcova. Oh my God, Petra is an angel that has landed on earth and graced us with her presence. She is just heavenly and divine and I feel so lucky to have had the chance to work with her. I won't give anything away, but let's just say she gets a little case of the Brad magic and comes back for more when a styling emergency needs attention.

TV Guide Magazine: You also filmed with your long-time client, Rashida Jones. What event do you style her for on her episode?
Goreski: I styled her for a premiere in Zurich, for an International Film Festival and for Conan. Rashida and I have been working together for well over a year now and we have very similar tastes and styles. She's kind of the girl version of me and I'm the boy version of her. When people see us together, they'll really get the essence of what I'm like when I'm working with clients.

TV Guide Magazine: You style some new clients on-screen, too. Who will we see as a first-time Brad victim?
Goreski: Beth Behrs, Coco Rocha and Stacy Keibler. Beth is great. She loves fashion. She is a gorgeous girl. She's hilarious. We break out into song and dance at fittings because she's a musical theatre geek like I am. I'm cuckoo for Coco, but I was nervous when I styled her for The Face premiere because Karolina Kurkova and Naomi Campbell were added stress was an added addition for me. For Stacy Keibler, it is her first time going to the American Music Awards so there's the extra pressure of making sure we are getting her the best look that's going to allow her to stand out in a crowd of what can be some pretty crazy outfits.

TV Guide Magazine: Besides new clients, you also have two new assistants this season. Is it surreal having your own staff and show when you were just recently working for Rachel Zoe as her styling assistant?
Goreski: It's like Groundhog Day! I want my assistants to be the best that they can be so I try to pass on as much wisdom as possible. Sometimes in a dad-like way, but whatever.

TV Guide Magazine: You had a public fallout with Rachel Zoe on her Bravo show. Have you had similar problems with your assistants?
Goreski: We hit some bumps in the road, but they're amazing and I couldn't do anything without them. It's my business and I've worked hard to establish myself, and I'm not willing to let that go. So, when I feel like that foundation is shaky, I address it immediately.

TV Guide Magazine: We have to ask - are you on speaking terms with your former boss and Bravo star, Rachel Zoe?
Goreski: The communication's not cut off from my angle and it never had been. All of my experience from interning W and working at Vogue to ultimately ending up with Rachel formed who I have become. I'm really focused on my business. It's doing really well and continuing to grow, and I wish the exact same thing for her.

Check out this clip from the premiere episode of It's A Brad, Brad World Season 2:

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