The current DHS vice principal, teacher, athletic director, and coach, Kellar said Wednesday he was "99 percent there" on accepting the offer.

The Dunsmuir High School board of trustees offered the vacant high school principal position Tuesday to Ray Kellar.

"We offered him a contract for 67 percent principal, 33 percent teacher," board president Jan Garrigus reported after a two-hour closed session. "And he has to keep the positions of athletic director, technology director and vocational director."

Wednesday morning Kellar said he is "99 percent there" on accepting the offer. "I just want to ask a couple of questions," he said. He hopes to get answers from Garrigus by Thursday.

Kellar said he has been with Dunsmuir High for over 15 years, beginning as geography and math teacher. Over the years he's taken on more duties, including those of school vice principal. "I teach computers, desktop publishing, accounting, woodshop, PE – the list goes on and on," he said. "I was football coach from 2000 to 2007. Then I came back in 2010. I've also coached basketball for five years."

Kellar's popularity was on display during the special board meeting June 20 during which superintendent/principal Len Foreman submitted his resignation. Between 30 and 35 people filled chairs usually empty during board meetings and stood along the walls. "Most of them were plugging for me," Kellar said during Tuesday's closed session.

"It was mostly students, with a mixture of parents and staff," said school CBO Kim Vardanega. "This was the first meeting the board got together after Len gave notice." She said about 10 people spoke in favor of Kellar filling the vacancies.

Garrigus said that the board hadn't yet decided what to do about filling the superintendent position.