Steven Barry Johnson

Steven Barry died July 2, 2013

“He shall cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you shall take refuge.” Psalm 91.4

Hey, old friend. Hey, young friend. Hey, Best Friend.

I know you are in a strange, strange space. But be sure of this: you are not here alone.

All of us who love Steven, have circled our wagons round you.

And I am in that circle. What can I give you? These blessings – in these wishes I wish you:

May you in these new days, be free of pain, be free from fear,

as safe in your soul as when you scale the highest of trees.

May you hear in the breezes among the branches a chorus of THANK YOUs

from your friends, the trees, for the grace you have brought to the forests of Shasta.

May you thank your friends, the mountains and the sky and the snow and the sun and the woods

and the bees who have made their world, your world, their Garden of Eden for Steven.

May you look with delight and with pride at your creation, Professional Tree Care, the best

damn arborist business in Shasta, and the beauty of this home you have made with Robin.

May you wander in your mind through all the fun you've done, it’s wild and it’s crazy,

and understand the spectacular run you've run -- and bow to it all with a big wide smile.

Most of all, may you know how greatly you are loved, for you have been so quick to love,

and such a joy to love. So big of heart, so blessed with zest, so busting with life.

May all that is good enfold you, All that is love, lift you, All that is joy, find a new space in your heart.

And may you know, deep in your heart. that we will carry you in our hearts all the days of our lives.

Michael Whalen, Poet and close friend for 2 decades.