Booths toppled in the wind and tree debris and rain drops gusted down on the crowds at Hoo Hoo Park Friday night at the opening of Lumberjack Fiesta Days.

Booths toppled in the wind and tree debris and rain drops gusted down on the crowds at Hoo Hoo Park Friday night at the opening of Lumberjack Fiesta Days.

The forceful wind and rumor of lightning strikes coming that direction closed down many of the booths early, but partygoers were not deterred from their fun as the music played on in the park.

“I think it just adds to the excitement,” exclaimed volunteer Linda Wills, as she expertly poured another beer at the beer booth. “I was advised to shut down, and then I was told that I could stay open as the crazy weather changed from one minute to the next. Everyone was totally enjoying the experience.”

Five year old Willis Leach and seven year old Madison-Mae Jones were selected as Little Logger and Little Miss Fiesta 2013.

Also competing for the Little Logger title were Trever Jones, age 16 months; Keagun Gans, age 15 months and Pasquale Giovanni Zaccaglini, age 15 months. When Trever grows up, he wants to be a boxer. Keagun said his favorite food is anything his grandma makes, and Pasquale like bananas. When relaying his most memorable childhood moment, Willis’ mom said, “at age two, he dropped his pacifier in the toilet and retrieved it and put it back in his mouth.”

In the running for Little Miss Fiesta were Grasie Hunt, age 5; Sadie Hunt; age 5; JayCee Grubb, age 3; and Payton Miller, age 2.

Grasie wants to be a ballerina when she grows up; Sadie wants to be a mermaid; JayCee a doctor, and Payton wants to be a chef. Little Miss Fiesta said she wants to be a preschool teacher in the future.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny, but some smoke from Oregon fires soon filtered into the air. However, it didn’t stop Fiesta fun.

People lined McCloud’s Main Street for the 66th annual Lumberjack Fiesta parade Saturday morning after the American Legion’s legendary pancake breakfast with all the fixings.

Included in the crowd was Pat Stone, who has attended every single Fiesta celebration in McCloud. She was six at the first one, she said.

Announced after the parade at Hoo Hoo Park were the parade winners.

McCloud Fire Department took first place in Judge’s Choice. Second place went to Shasta Wilderness Horse Adventures and third went to Shareen Strauss and her horse, Dulci, advertising the McCloud Heritage Museum. Strauss also took home the trophy in the novelty category.

In the motorized category, first place went to the Horsts for their “Summer Fun” antique tractors. Second went to McCloud Fire Department volunteers and third went to CAL FIRE.

In the non-motorized category, clowns Teri and Becky May, and their horse Charlie, took first place. Second went to Shasta Wilderness Horse Adventures.

In the category for children, Cindy and Charlie Miller’s float for McCloud Outdoors won the first place trophy. Second went to Little Miss Fiesta and Little Logger.

In the Service Organizations category, American Legion Cheula Post #92 took first place and the Siskiyou Motorcycle Association took second.

After a funfilled day of Lumberjack contests, water slides, softball and a day of shopping and eating, Mother Nature played again with the Fiesta goers Saturday night. A downpour caused the Blackwell Brothers to seek dry land after just two songs.

“Everyone, even people from the neighboring houses, told me that they really enjoyed hearing the little that they played,” said Wills, who has been coming from Nevada to volunteer at Lumberjack Fiesta for the past 10 years.

Below are the results of the logging competition:

Junior Axe Throw

11-13 – 1st, Gabriel Garcia; 2nd, Tommy Hyland; 3rd, Cole Robustelli.

8-10 – 1st, Sabrina Schreder; 2nd, Kai Wallis; 3rd, Alexa Malone.

Junior Choker

11-13 – 1st, Jordan Stanley; 2nd, Jagger Burris; 3rd, Alex Olson.

8-10 – 1st, Kai Wallis; 2nd, Brodie Schreder; 3rd, Maia Miller.

Women’s Choker

1st, Jolene Kirkpatrick; 2nd, Angela Sheets; 3rd, Michaela Davis.

Men’s Choker

1st, Kyle Benedict; 2nd, Kris Zanni; 3rd, Rolfe Dalleske.

Men’s Double Buck

1st, Gary Sheets/Mike DeFalco; 2nd, Kyle Benedict/Reno Debon; 3rd, Gary Sheets/Phil Walsh.

Men’s Single Buck

1st, Kyle Benedict; 2nd, Cody Henson; 3rd, Kris Zanni.

Women’s Double Buck

1st, Angela Sheets/Dori DeFalco; 2nd, Sharon Dalleske/Ronda Elliot; 3rd, Lauran Yerkes/Sandy Harrison.

Jack & Jill

1st, Mike DeFalco/Dori DeFalco; 2nd, Cody Henson/Jeanette Montijo; 3rd, Kyle Benedict/Michaela Davis.

Powder Puff Axe Throw

1st, Pam Hollingsworth; 2nd, Sharon Dalleske; 3rd, Dori DeFalco.

Pro Axe Throw

1st, Mike DeFalco; 2nd, Bill Anderson; 3rd, Gary Sheets.

Men’s Axe Throw

1st, Mike DeFalco; 2nd, Don Henson; 3rd, Chad Henson.

Business Axe Throw

1st, Jason Hensley-Tanner Construction; 2nd, Ron Henson-Henson Studio, Mount Shasta; 3rd, Kyle Benedict-Roseburg Forrest Productions.