Although Men's Wearhouse already ran a charity commercial that edited out fired founder George Zimmer — otherwise it would have to shell out a $250,000 contractual penalty — the retailer just released its first brand-new ad since his departure from the company.

The slogan that replaces the iconic "You're going to like the way you look, I guarantee it" tagline is "For 40 years we've been helping men dress like gentlemen."

The irony? The dude starring in the 30-second spot is a total sleaze.

It shows him walking down the street in various, decade-appropriate suits. And every time he passes a beautiful woman — one is wearing a school girl outfit — he spins around to ogle them. A Men's Wearhouse employee gives an approving nod to each scene.

(Note: Women do not tend to find that behavior overwhelmingly gentlemanly.)

Watch the ad, made by LA-based Phenomenon agency, below: 

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