Earlier this month, Chipotle released a haunting ad depicting the evils of factory farming. 

The ad, which featured a song by Fiona Apple, has 6.2 million YouTube views. 

But there's a big problem with the ad, which features adorable cartoon cows and chickens, notes Alexandra Petri at The Washington Post. 

The adorably-animated commercial makes viewers feel attached to the animals they'd be ordering in the form of a steak burrito or chicken tacos at Chipotle, according to Petri. 

"To quote a friend who watched the Chipotle commercial, 'That doesn’t make me want to eat Chipotle. That makes me want to curl up in a vegan coma and never eat again,'" Petri writes. 

A recent "Funny or Die" parody of the ad also has a valid critique that the idealistic ad was made by a huge corporation. 

"Come with us, and you'll be in a world of pure imagination. With an ad made for you, by a giant corporation," the video says. "This is just a way to advertise. Open up your heart and use it. Look at that sad face and feel it. If you want to cry...here's where you do it."

Here's Chipotle's original ad:

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