Both Claire Danes and Lena Dunham were nominated for Emmys Sunday night, and while the "Homeland" star walked away with a golden statue — the "Girls" creator won for best interview interruption.

As Dunham was chatting with Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet before the show, Danes creepily snuck up from behind and hijacked the interview on live television.

What was most revealing about the E! interview is that the two are actually BFF.

“I’m really excited because you’re my really good friend and I never get to see you,” Dunham gushed to Danes.

Danes responded by telling viewers, "I love this lady very much,"to which Dunham retaliated, "I love you so much."

Turns out both actresses grew up in the same New York City neighborhood and met through a mutual friend after Dunahm "stalked her."

The rest of the lovefest went like this:

Danes: "I'm in constant awe of what she does."

Dunham: "She's my favorite actress."

Danes: "She's my favorite everything."

Dunham: "I would love to [cast her on "Girls"] but she's on a Showtime show and I'm on HBO."

Danes: "It's very Capulet and Montague."

Dunham: "We'll wait unitl there's a less turf-warrish situation."

Danes: "A web series!"

"Are we ruining your life?" Dunham eventually asked Seacrest, who said, "No, this is fantastic. I'm great, I'm gonna have a beer."

Watch the entire interview on E! here.

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