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Word of the Day

anfractuous an-FRAK-choo-uhs (adjective) characterized by windings and turnings; sinuous; circuitous. — www.dictionary.com

Website of the Day

Escape Flight


Looking to get away? Escape Flight can tell you where to go based on ideal destination and weather.

Number to Know

23: In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked Bruce Springsteen as the 23rd Greatest Artist of all time, the 96th Greatest Guitarist of all time on their latest list and the 36th Greatest Singer of all time in 2008.

This Day in History

Sept. 23, 1806: Lewis and Clark return to St. Louis after exploring the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Today’s Featured Birthday

Bruce Springsteen (64)

Daily Quote

“Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it.” — Agatha Christie