James Edward Kirby, known better as “Jim” passed away on the morning of September 17th, 2013 at the Oak River Rehab facility in Anderson, Ca. Jim passed in peace after a long illness.

Jim left his native Texas as a young man and made his home in Dunsmuir, California, establishing himself an apt mechanic. He employed and mentored many young people during his years in business. In the 1990s he expanded his business and expertise into the computer repair industy, was credited with developing a computer virus cure, and became known for his ability to salvage even the most damaged computers.

In all things that he did; mechanic, upholsterer, computer tech, small airplane pilot, businessman and mentor, Jim was known for his precision, integrity and dedication to his craft.

Jim is survived by his children and grandchildren, and is preceded in death by one daughter.

There are no immediate plans for a formal service.