Call Of Duty has so many dedicated fans that they do not even need gameplay footage or special effects to sell the upcoming installment, Call of Duty: Ghosts.

The spots feature grown men (and a woman) getting a bit too excited about the game, re-enacting moments from it to the discomfort of people around them.

Ad agency 72andSunny produced the ads for publisher Activision, who wants to remind consumers why they are dedicated to the franchise. Call of Duty frequently goes head-to-head with rival first-person-shooter series Battlefield, the latest installment of which comes out one week before COD: Ghost's Nov. 5 release.

Battlefield's new commercial makes a similar appeal to fans (combined with gameplay), but it is readily apparent that their spot features your more traditional geeky gamer, as opposed to the Average Joes in the COD ads. The typical COD gamer is just as obsessed with playing their beloved series, but they fall into a niche that Forbes' Erik Kain describes simply as "monogamous." Many COD fans are happy with making each year's installment the only video game they buy all year, and that is the sort of person these ads are speaking to.

If you want to check out the game itself, you can look at the single player campaign trailer here. 

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