We've previously gushed over the Sphero 2, a fun and delightfully irreverent sphere-shaped mobile plastic ball that you control with your smartphone. Today Orbotix, the company behind the device, has introduced the latest generation, called Sphero 2B.

At first glance, the Sphero 2B is Sphero 2's bigger, tougher brother. It certainly more closely resembles a conventional remote control car with the unmissable (but still sharp-looking) addition of tires. But the playful attitude and appearance from previous generations of Sphero is still alive and well here — the colorful LEDs, the well-engineered design that still visually cajoles you to play with it instead of treat it with kid gloves.

Think a giant aspirin on its side with wheels at each end.

The main gain with the new form factor will be that there are no more difficulties to be had surrounding the navigation of a sphere along the ground. With two proper wheels, the new Sphero-to-come has a much better "understanding" of vector and direction. Gone will be the days of constantly telling your Sphero with way is "forward."

You can reserve Sphero 2B right here. It will be available everywhere at once in Fall 2014 for "under $100 (US)."

Commence with the trailer!

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