Cracking an iPhone screen is hard enough. What happens to soldiers stationed in the middle of nowhere when they bust their personal gear?

A company called iCracked is all too happy to sell its repair kits to armed servicemen and servicewomen around the world at 10% off. Its kits are used for repairing nearly all models of iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Here's what Jack Murphy, VP of Communications at iCracked, told us about his company's tip of the hat to those in uniform: "We always love to help out our servicemen and women in any way we can.  For soldiers stateside, it is not uncommon for one of our incredible iTechs to go on base to repair the device or meet the soldier off base if preferred. In terms of how we help out soldiers currently serving overseas, we sell DIY kits at a discounted rate accompanied by our 'Badass Hero' letter attached below."

Dear Badass Hero,

To the iCracked team, being part of the military is inarguably the most admiring and awe-inspiring thing a citizen can do for their country.  The level of selflessness involved in serving the nation through active duty supersedes that of any other potential role a human being can fulfill. Although we are sure you get this all of the time, we truly do have the utmost respect for what you do.

On a daily basis, our team is reminded of just how much courage and strength, both physical & mental, you possess in comparison to us—thank you for keeping us humble.  Please know that we are forever indebted to you and your service and are always here to make the lives of our servicemen and women as easy as possible, as it is your work that has given iCracked the ability to succeed as a company and ultimately serve your needs.

If you are to ever have any questions or further requests for iCracked, please feel free to contact the team and we will personally handle whatever it is you may need. Thank you again for being the undeniably badass person, citizen, and customer that you are.

The iCracked Team

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