A building at 500 West 43 Street in Manhattan, New York, is reportedly on fire. ABC 7 reports that over 100 firefighters are now at the scene, and there are reports that two people have been critically injured. Reuters confirms that two males were taken to nearby hospitals and remain in critical condition.

The New York Fire Department says that the fire is now under control.

Pictures tweeted from outside the scene appear to show the fire on a lower floor:

Manhattan: FDNY Box #0798, 500 West 43 St. 10-77 All hands fire out the windows on 20 floor of a 36 story high rise. pic.twitter.com/UFigL4CziY

— New York City Alerts (@NYCityAlerts) January 5, 2014

Crazier still, however, are the tweets of Mickey Atwal, who said he's a resident of the building but stuck on the 26th floor with his wife and child and young child as the stairways are too full of smoke.

Stuck on building on 26 floor. Building on fire. pic.twitter.com/c5bDvWke0x

— Mickey Atwal (@MickeyAtwal) January 5, 2014

This video gives a good shot of the blaze:

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