Since collaborating on hit show "Seinfeld," Larry David went on to create and star in HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" while Jerry Seinfeld is in the midst of the second season of his show "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee."

But 16 years after "Seinfeld" said goodbye, it appears the two comedians are re-teaming for a "big, huge, gigantic" project together.

Seinfeld let the news slip today in a Reddit AMA:

“[Larry David and I] never obsess over anything that isn’t mundane. Most recent was intentional mumbling. We wrote this script for this thing that you will eventually see but I can’t reveal what it is at this time. All I can do is tell you is that it’s big, huge, gigantic. Even bigger than that Amazon package.”

Seinfeld continued to answer fans' questions about his relationship with Larry David, including how they met:

“The first time I met him, that’s a long story… I actually was eavesdropping on him talking to another comedian, and I wasn’t even in comedy yet. But he was leaning on my car in front of the Improv on 9th Ave and 44th Street, and this would be probably 1975. That was the first time I ever saw him. But we didn’t talk. But him and this other comedian were leaning on the fender of my car, and I knew that they were real comedians and I was still just flirting with it. So I don’t know if that answers the question.

Then when we finally did talk in the bar Catch a Rising Star on 1st Ave and 78th Street 2 or 3 years after that, we couldn’t stop talking. We were both obsessed with the smallest possible issue.”

Is Larry David anything like he is on "Curb Your Enthusiasm"?

I have heard this question many times. And I find his character on Curb to be the most reasonable and logical person. And I've never understood why people think of him any other way. To me he is one of the most intelligent and perceptive people, and our minds are very synchronous. So I think he is very much like that character, maybe not as nice all the time.

On scrapped “Seinfeld” ideas:

“…There was one episode where Jerry bought a handgun. And we started making it and stopped in the middle and said ‘this doesn’t work.’ We did the read-through and then cancelled it. A lot of other stuff happened, but trying to make that funny ended up being no fun.”

On if "Seinfeld" were on today (and why it isn't):

Everything would have had to change. The character would have gotten married and started families, I suppose. But I still think everything has its life cycle and if you respect it, people enjoy it longer. And if you disrespect it - look at THE HANGOVER movie. If you made just one, the movie would be a comedy legend. Because they made 3, it isn't.

On modern-day "Seinfeld" Twitter handles:

“Oh this is a very painful subject. As you can probably imagine, over the 9 years of doing the show, Larry David and I sat through hundreds of ideas that people wanted to do on the show. And most of the ideas are not good. Which I saw Larry say the other day on some show, somebody asked him the same question and he said “I know you think it’s funny, but it’s really hard.” The ideas that Larry and I would respond to, I don’t even know, they just need to be very unique. It’s just a lot harder than it seems to come up with. And particularly for that show, where we tried to do things that were unusual, and you had to go through a lot of ideas to find the ones you like.”

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