Jenn Frick is being treated for Chronic myeloid leukemia at UC San Francisco, where she's been in the Intensive Care Unit since Dec. 30 with an infection and sepsis.

“Every day isn't a good day, but I still am finding good in every day,” said Jenn Frick, a Big Springs woman who is battling leukemia two years after losing her 10 year old son, Dylan, to a malignant brain tumor. To help offset the costs of her medical treatments, Jenn's friends and family have begun a GiveForward campaign online. As of Monday afternoon, they've raised $8,880 of their $10,000 goal, said friend Tamera McClure, who is heading the fundraising effort. Jenn, 32, is being treated for Chronic myeloid leukemia at UC San Francisco, where she's been in the Intensive Care Unit since Dec. 30 with an infection and sepsis. When she's healthy enough, she will restart her chemotherapy treatments, which have made her so ill that she needs round the clock care, said McClure. Her husband, Josh, has been caring for Jenn and their 11 year old daughter, Lyndi, and is therefore unable to work outside the home except for odd jobs when his mom can come in to care for Jenn during the day. Funds raised via GiveForward will go toward the Fricks' out of pocket medical expenses, such Jenn's multiple hospital stays and several different medications that are not covered by insurance. Funds will also go toward other necessities, like gas money to and from doctor appointments, hotel rooms when she cannot be on the road any longer while they are on their way to and from appointments and treatments, and basic living expenses, like the paying their power bill, said McClure. If there are any funds left over and Jenn is healthy enough to go, the Frick family would love to get away to the beach for a few days so that they can have a fun, relaxing time together, McClure said. Josh Frick said his wife is “an uplifter and encourager.” “If you have met her you most likely have been hugged by her and felt love... I am very humbled by the love we have been shown, so grateful to know so many people care and are blessing us in a time of need.” Jenn's friends describe her as a giving person who always puts the needs of others before her own. This is reflected in her Facebook post updates, in which always thanks her friends for their support and even offers to pray for those who request it. “The blessings, love, help, and prayers have been amazing!” Jenn wrote on Oct. 21. “If you need any prayer, encouragement or support, please feel free to send me a private message. I would be honored to lift you up in prayer. Thank you so much for your time and love. BIG BIG HUG.” On Dec. 13, after four months of not being able to swallow and having to get her nutrition through a Dobhoff feeding tube, Jenn reported on Facebook that she was finally able to eat. “With many tears of joy I can finally say it,” Jenn wrote. “I am overcoming. Yesterday I cried and cried. I really did take eating for granted. Actually I have taken so much for granted. Thankful for renewed eyes and spirit. Enjoy this beautiful day.” “No matter how bad of a day I am having, seeing her smile is so heartwarming,” said Jenn's friend Trish Schaefer. “I don't know of any other family that is so inspiring.” “(The Fricks) are such loving people,” said friend Rita Lewis Sutter. “With all the things they have been through they still give and smile. The Fricks are my heroes.” Before Jenn became ill, the Fricks mentored young people and donated to various fundraisers. Every year around Dylan's birthday, they traveled to Ronald McDonald House in Palo Alto (where they stayed when Dylan was ill) to make dinner for all the families and distribute toys for the children and their brothers and sisters. “I have never met the Fricks but know them through Facebook, said Becca Moser. “I followed their journey with their precious Dylan. I cried, I laughed, I smiled and I prayed. Jenn and her family showed such grace, humility, love and were always the first to praise God, even through the storms they traveled through. Jenn, wrote such beautiful, honest, raw posts on her blog. She earned my admiration and respect. When recently, I saw Jenn... was ill with cancer, I actually cried. I don't understand how or why such a beautiful family so committed to their faith and in their love of God would or should have to face yet another storm. “Jenn and her family are warriors,” continued Moser. “I thank them for being unfaltering in their faith and for sharing it with all of us. Jenn has touched so many lives... the lives of so many she doesn't even know.” To donate to Jenn Frick's fundraiser, go to Donations via GiveForward must be made before Monday, Jan. 13. You can also follow her story on the “Support Jenn Frick” Facebook page.