If James Bond decided to build an ultra-modern nightclub in his secret hideaway, this home in Mallorca, Spain is what it would look like. 

The 26,867-square-foot mansion — known as the "Chameleon Villa" — takes swank to another level. It comes complete with crisp white interiors, colorful LED lights, and a bumping sound system that mimic the atmosphere of a highly exclusive club. 

According to the listing, the house itself is divided up into three different buildings: The first acting as the main residence, the second as a fitness center, and the third as lodging for party guests. 

It's listed with Sotheby's International Realty. Price is available only on request. 

Welcome to the Chameleon Villa.

Dramatically perched on a cliff overlooking Son Vida, Mallorca, the all-white "Chameleon Villa" might be a bit of a misnomer.

You can park your car out front.

Or, if you traveled by air, you can land your helicopter here.

The inside is sleek and ultra-modern.

Clean white decor is a crisp contrast to the Mediterranean foliage outside.

You can see more of the greenery from this formal dining room.

Huge windows make for a dramatic bedroom view.

Even the bathrooms are impossibly chic.

There's plenty of counter space in the kitchen.

For some after-dinner drinks, guests can just mosey on over to the wet bar, right inside the kitchen.

Color-changing LED lights give it a distinct night-club vibe.

Outside, crossing the pool will bring you to a nice seating area overlooking the hills.

It looks even cooler at night.

Another part of the house is made up of a "pool, wellness, and fitness area" complete with an elegant spa.

Inside, there's a second pool with awesome lighting and a bridge.

Home owners can relax with a movie in the screening room.

Or explore the extensive wine cellar, a sommelier's dream.

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