When Kanye West and Kim Kardashian announced the arrival of their baby girl, her name — North West — nearly caused the Internet to explode.

Similarly, no "Star Trek" fan could take their eyes off the Twitter IPO when legendary actor Patrick Stewart rang the opening bell.

Celebrities and their offspring serve as major influencers in all spheres of life: entertainment, business, politics, tech, and fashion.

We rounded up the top actors, directors, producers, studio executives, and industry insiders from just under one year old to 100 years old who will surely make headlines in 2014.


Daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

What makes her powerful: Little Nori sparked a media firestorm when she was born, and all of Twitter had an opinion about the name "Kimye" chose for their first child.

The 8-month-old has been pretty absent from the spotlight, but Kardashian did release a photo of her Christmas present: a miniature Lamborghini to match the one her rapper daddy drives.

AGE 2: Blue Ivy Carter

Daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z

What makes her powerful: In the lavish style of her parents, Blue Ivy Carter celebrated her second birthday at Miami's exotic Jungle Island.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z rented out the entire wildlife park and zoo for their little girl's big day. That's what happens when you're the daughter of the Queen.

AGE 3: Julian Fuego Thicke

Son of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton

What makes him powerful: The "Blurred Lines" singer says his little tyke keeps his ego in check and inspires his music. Julian plans to follow in his dad's footsteps into entertainment, according to actress-mother Patton, and always requests to accompany Thicke to sound check.

Other powerful three-year-olds: Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka's adopted twins who inspired their own BuzzFeed list.

AGE 4: Louis Bullock

Son of Sandra Bullock

What makes him powerful: King Louis keeps the "Gravity" star grounded and out of the spotlight. She thanked him for "letting her come out" to accept the Best Movie Actress award at the recent People's Choice Awards.

Bullock shocked fans when she announced in 2010 that she secretly adopted Louis from New Orleans, who she calls her "little Cajun cookie."

AGE 5: Vivienne Jolie-Pitt

Daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

What makes her powerful: Vivienne — one-half of Brangelina's set of twins — makes her big-screen debut as the young Princess Aurora in her mom’s film, "Maleficent," which premieres May 2014.

AGE 6: Grace Colbert


What makes her powerful: You may know Colbert as the adorable little girl from the Cheerios commercial that sparked a lot of debate this year for portraying a biracial family on TV. (Colbert actually thought all the hoopla was from her winning smile.)

Colbert and her TV family appeared again in General Mills' Super Bowl commercial last weekend.

Another powerful 6-year-old: Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who plays spunky Lily on "Modern Family."

AGE 7: Suri Cruise

Daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

What makes her powerful: A pop culture influencer since the start, Suri's first public photo on the cover of Vanity Fair became the magazine's second-highest selling issue in history.

She continues to rile paparazzi — one called her the B-word last year — and be named to best-dressed lists.

AGE 8: Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson

Reality TV star

What makes her powerful: The sassy 8-year-old known as Honey Boo Boo has made a franchise out of her TLC reality show.

Not only does she earn a whopping $50K per episode, but with royalties from Honey Boo Boo merch like ringtones, an app, and a Web series for her mama, the grade-schooler is making it bigger than most kids her age.

AGE 9: Caitlin Carmichael


What makes her powerful: Don't let her adorableness fool you — Carmichael is quickly becoming a household name in horror cinema. She's known for her dark roles in "The Wicked" and "Lizzie," and will have a small role in "300: Rise of an Empire."

AGE 10: Quvenzhané Wallis


What makes her powerful: She's still the youngest actress to receive a Best Actress Oscar nom, and the chance for a win is in the foreseeable future with her major role in the recent movie "12 Years a Slave."

Wallis stars in an upcoming movie remake of "Annie," complete with a $750,000 salary.

AGE 11: Romeo Beckham

Son of David and Victoria Beckham

What makes him powerful: The budding Burberry model dreams of being a professional footballer, and has reportedly signed with the Arsenal Youth Academy. Burberry's Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey called the pre-teen's fashion sense "impeccable."

AGE 12: Ty Simpkins


What makes him powerful: If there's a child star to watch, it's Ty Simpkins. The kid who built his name in box-office hits like "War of the Worlds" back in '05 landed a nice-sized role in "Iron Man 3" last summer.

Now he's slated to play a leading role in the next installment of the "Jurassic Park" enterprise, "Jurassic World."

AGE 13: Willow Shields


What makes her powerful: Like her character Prim in the hugely successful "Hunger Games" franchise, Shields is growing up before a worldwide audience.

In "Catching Fire," she transforms from a vulnerable little girl into a caretaker for her mother and District 12 while her sister Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence, fights to survive.

AGE 14: Chandler Riggs


What makes him powerful: Riggs is still on fire for his role as Carl in "The Walking Dead," which soaked up nomination after nomination in 2013. He'll likely be taking the lead when the second half of Season 4 kicks off in February.

Another powerful 14-year-old: Kiernan Shipka grew up on the set of "Mad Men" where, as Sally Draper, she became a star.

AGE 15: Elle Fanning


What makes her powerful: Dakota Fanning's little sister is making a name for herself on the red carpet, modeling for Miu Miu's highly anticipated Spring 2014 fashion campaign, and starring opposite Angelina Jolie in "Maleficent."

Another powerful 15-year-old: The Other Fresh Prince, Jaden Smith starred alongside his dad Will in "After Earth" last summer.

AGE 16: Chloë Grace Moretz


What makes her powerful: In the 2005 remake of "The Amityville Horror," Moretz played Missy Lutz, the role that made her famous.

Since then, she's established herself as a versatile actress in both comedic roles, like the spoiled TV network heiress in "30 Rock," and dramatic roles, like the title character in the October remake of Steven King's "Carrie."

AGE 17: Abigail Breslin


What makes her powerful: The "Little Miss Sunshine" scene-stealer is tired of hearing "she's all grown-up!" She's landing serious roles, appearing alongside heavy-hitters Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, and Ewan McGregor in "August: Osage County."

AGE 18: Ireland Baldwin

Daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger

What makes her powerful: Baldwin's Twitter followers, north of 50K, hang on her every word, especially when those words are being used to defend her dad's latest tabloid-worthy antics. The young model and "it" girl hasn't always had the best relationship with her old man, but she's still daddy's little girl.

AGE 19: Justin Bieber


What makes him powerful: The international pop sensation had a tumultuous 2013, and has already added a DUI arrest to his rap sheet this year.

But the Biebs is being heralded as a "marketing genius" for updating his oh-so-innocent image to attract an older, broader fan base.

AGE 20: AnnaSophia Robb


What makes her powerful: Robb has revived one of the biggest roles in television: that of the infamous New Yorker Carrie Bradshaw. Robb plays Carrie's younger self in the "Sex and the City" prequel "The Carrie Diaries," which premiered last year.

AGE 21: Miley Cyrus


What makes her powerful: The twerking princess of pop music has a net worth of $120 million. Last year, Cyrus shocked fans with her explicit performance at MTV's Video Music Awards and music videos for "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball," which garnered a collective 805 million views on YouTube.

AGE 22: Shailene Woodley


What makes her powerful: The girl who got her start as the pregnant teen lead of the ABC Family show "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" has moved into the big leagues. Heralded as the next Jennifer Lawrence, Woodley was cast as the lead in "Divergent," which could be the next big trilogy after "The Hunger Games."

AGE 23: Jennifer Lawrence


What makes her powerful: Lawrence holds one of the most successful film franchises, "The Hunger Games," in her quiver, and recently won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "American Hustle."

AGE 24: Taylor Swift


What makes her powerful: T-Swift may only have a small role in Hollywood, acting-wise, but she's got a big one in the who's-dating-who world of red carpet gossip. Jake Gyllenhaal is a former beau of Swift's, as are Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner, and Lucas Till.

But her popular music, nominated twice now for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture, is a hot commodity for TV and film.

AGE 25: Emma Stone


What makes her powerful: Stone is helping to strengthen the role of women in the comic-book-movie industry as Gwen Stacy in the "Spider-Man" franchise reboot.

Hollywood is swirling with rumors that her character's impending death will be postponed in order to keep Stone around for a third installment.

AGE 26: Emilia Clarke


What makes her powerful: Clarke is as dominant in show biz as her "Game of Thrones" character, Daenerys, is on screen.

The Brit starred opposite Jude Law in 2013's "Dom Hemingway," and will have a major role in the next installment of the "Terminator" series, due out in 2015.

AGE 27: Kit Harington


What makes him powerful: The handsome British actor, named GQ magazine's "Gamer of the Year," plays Jon Snow in the hit fantasy drama, "Game of Thrones." Harington lands his first leading role in this February's action flick, "Pompeii."

Another powerful 27-year-old: Lena Dunham created "Girls," HBO's most hipster cultural phenomenon.

AGE 28: Kaley Cuoco


What makes her powerful: Cuoco stars as Penny — the sweet-yet-desirable girl-next-door — in CBS' critical darling, "The Big Bang Theory." She's ranked the second-highest paid actress in TV, taking home $300,000 per episode.

Another powerful 28-year-old: Gal Gadot will play the iconic Wonder Woman in the highly anticipated Batman/Superman movie.

AGE 29: Scarlett Johansson


What makes her powerful: Johansson gives a riveting performance as Samantha, a computer operating system that Joaquin Phoenix's character falls in love with, in Spike Jonze's romantic drama "Her." But the actress never appears on screen, rendering her ineligible to compete at the Golden Globes.

Another powerful 29-year-old: Olivia Wilde, who proudly showed off her baby bump as a presenter at this year's Golden Globe Awards.

AGE 30: Jonah Hill


What makes him powerful: The recent Academy Award nominee, who made a killing in "The Wolf of Wall Street," confirmed with his performance that this comedic actor can indeed do drama — and well, too. Hill is also proving his talent behind the scenes with both writer and producer roles.

Other powerful 30-year-olds: There are some silver-screen superheroes in the mix — Chris Hemsworth who plays "Thor" and Henry Cavill who plays "Superman."

AGE 31: Jamie Dornan


What makes him powerful: After Charlie Hunnam relinquished his leading role in the upcoming adaptation of E.L. James' "Fifty Shades of Grey," Ireland-born Dornan stepped in. The "Once Upon a Time" actor will play the handsome, erotic billionaire Christian Grey.

AGE 32: Tom Hiddleston


What makes him powerful: Hiddleston is one of the most powerful villains in Hollywood these days. Known for his role as the sympathetic anti-hero Loki in the "Thor" films, his performance was applauded as a fantastic portrayal of a dynamic "bad guy" who fans both love and loathe.

AGE 33: Kristen Bell


What makes her powerful: Bell resurrected the "Veronica Mars" series in a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, and will reprise her starring role on the silver screen in March. Last year she wed longtime boyfriend Dax Shepard; the pair waited to get married until a California law, banning same-sex couples from tying the knot, was abolished.

AGE 34: Aaron Paul


What makes him powerful: A co-star on one of the biggest shows to ever hit television, Paul just received his first Golden Globe nomination for his role as Jesse in "Breaking Bad." This year, with the end of the show, Paul will abandon his meth-making character to star in Scott Waugh's "Need for Speed" this spring.

Another powerful 34-year-old: Mindy Kaling is the "it" girl of television right now, going strong in her sophomore season of "The Mindy Project."

AGE 35: Andy Samberg


What makes him powerful: The "Saturday Night Live" alum's first venture into situational comedy has paid off big. Fox's "Brooklyn Nine Nine" won Golden Globes for Best TV Series and Best TV Actor in the comedy category.

AGE 36: Chiwetel Ejiofor


What makes him powerful: Ejiofor dominated on screen as the lead in "12 Years a Slave." Now pocketing an Oscar nomination for the role, Ejiofor is rumored to be joining fellow big shots Cate Blanchett and Christoph Waltz in the upcoming crime thriller "Triple Nine."

AGE 37: Kerry Washington


What makes her powerful: The mom-to-be was definitely one of the biggest breakout stars of 2013, and snagged a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a TV Drama this year. The "Scandal" star will be presenting at the upcoming SAG Awards ceremony this month.

Another powerful 37-year-old: Benedict Cumberbatch plays the titular role on the BBC mystery drama "Sherlock," which drew almost 10 million viewers upon its return to the screen on New Year's Day.

AGE 38: Angelina Jolie


What makes her powerful: Jolie stayed largely out of the spotlight last year, but not out of the news: The "Maleficent" star underwent a preventative double-mastectomy in February due to a high genetic likelihood of developing breast cancer. She and actor fiancé Brad Pitt will soon tie the knot, but not before likely adopting a seventh child.

AGE 39: Leonardo DiCaprio


What makes him powerful: The recent Golden Globe winner saw monstrous box-office success with "The Great Gatsby" and "The Wolf of Wall Street." His portrayal of financial scumbag Jordan Belfort won DiCaprio some of the best reviews of his career.

Other powerful 39-year-olds: Amy Adams was nominated for an Oscar for her role in "American Hustle," as was her co-star Bradley Cooper.

AGE 40: Jim Parsons


What makes him powerful: This September the "Big Bang Theory" star won his third Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy — and it's the most critically acclaimed comedy on TV right now. He's also one of the highest-paid actors on TV, making a reported $325,000 ... per episode.

AGE 41: Ben Affleck


What makes him powerful: Affleck's casting as Batman in the "Man of Steel" sequel triggered a tsunami of criticism. While the Caped Crusader said he was initially reluctant to suit up, he is excited by director Zack Snyder's new direction.

Other powerful 41-year-olds: Sofía Vergara snagged a Golden Globe nomination for her role in "Modern Family" and has her hands on some massive endorsement contracts. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was the highest-grossing actor of 2013, thanks to the "Fast and Furious" franchise.

AGE 42: Amy Poehler


What makes her powerful: Co-hosting the Golden Globes for the second year in a row, Poehler shows no signs of slowing down, even to receive an award herself that night for playing the lovable lead Leslie in "Parks and Rec." Expect to see her up at the podium again when she hosts in 2015.

Another powerful 42-year-old: Martin Freeman plays Bilbo Baggins in "The Hobbit" franchise. Another famed franchise holder, Justin Lin, directed the last four film installments of "Fast & Furious."

AGE 43: Melissa McCarthy


What makes her powerful: McCarthy became one of Hollywood's unlikeliest stars with her Oscar-nominated role in "Bridesmaids," and kept fans laughing in the summer blockbuster, "The Heat."  The comedy, also starring Sandra Bullock, is rumored to have a sequel.

AGE 44: Matthew McConaughey


What makes him powerful: McConaughey commands the screen with his all-in roles. He sets the bar for method acting in Hollywood, gaining and losing amounts of 50-plus pounds for the sake of his performances.

Another powerful 44-year-old: Spike Jonze directed the Oscar-nominated film "Her."

AGE 45: Hugh Jackman


What makes him powerful: The Aussie triple-threat — he sings, dances, and acts — starred in Warner Brothers' "Prisoners" and "The Wolverine" last year. He recently spilled to Vanity Fair that once "X-Men: Days of Future Past" drops this summer, his tenure as the clawed character may be over.

AGE 46: Will Ferrell


What makes him powerful: Ferrell's "Anchorman 2" was easily the most-awaited sequel of 2013, holding Ron Burgundy fans in its grip from the day it was announced. From cliff-hanging trailers to Kanye cameos to a limited edition Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor made to promote the film, there was nowhere Ferrell couldn't be seen.

Another powerful 46-year-old: Vin Diesel signed a massive, hush-hush deal with Marvel and stars in one of the highest grossing film franchises of all time, "Fast and Furious."

AGE 47: J.J. Abrams

Director, producer

What makes him powerful: One year ago in a galaxy far, far away, Abrams signed on to direct the most highly anticipated franchise reboot of this millennium: "Star Wars: Episode VII." Currently, he's the brains behind TV shows "Person of Interest," "Beyond Human," and "Believe."

AGE 48: Robert Downey, Jr.


What makes him powerful: Not only did the latest "Iron Man" flick command more than $1 billion in theaters, but it grossed more than $195 million in its first five days alone, breaking records worldwide. Tony Stark returns in 2015's "The Avengers: Age of Ultron."

AGE 49: Sandra Bullock


What makes her powerful: Bullock is the undisputed star of the space odyssey, "Gravity," and is likely to get an Oscar nod for the role. These days "Miss Congeniality" is balancing Hollywood with motherhood, and was photographed taking her son Louis to school just hours after sweeping the People's Choice Awards.

AGE 50: Brad Pitt


What makes him powerful: At 50, Pitt still knows how to pick and choose his gigs. His latest movie, "12 Years a Slave," took home a Golden Globe for best picture earlier this month, and now it's up for an Oscar in the same category.

AGE 51: Steve Carell


What makes him powerful: The "World's Best Boss" is becoming a bona fide movie star, and last year added "Despicable Me 2," "The Way Way Back," "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone," and "Anchorman 2" to his résumé.

Another powerful 51-year-old: Love him or hate him, Tom Cruise is one of the biggest movie stars of his generation.

AGE 52: Alfonso Cuarón


What makes him powerful: Cuarón's hit last year, "Gravity," received multiple nods at the Golden Globes — including a "Best Director" win for Cuarón himself. His film has even more nominations for Oscars, including again for Best Director, which means Cuarón could be two for two very soon.

Another powerful 52-year-old: George Clooney emerged as an advocate for risky, meaningful movies last year, standing up to hedge fund manager Dan Loeb and creating the upcoming "The Monuments Men."

AGE 53: James Spader


What makes him powerful: Spader, as a mastermind criminal in "The Blacklist," nabbed a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Drama Series, and this year joins the "Avengers" cast as the main villain in "Age of Ultron."

AGE 54: Kevin Spacey


What makes him powerful: Spacey took a big risk in 2013 by starring in Netflix's first original series "House of Cards." Spacey obviously had a good instinct about that move though, as the show earned him a nomination for Best Actor in a TV Drama at this month's Golden Globes. Now he's shooting for a second season, out on Valentine's Day.

AGE 55: David O. Russell


What makes him powerful: Russell churned out two of the most critically acclaimed blockbuster films of the last two years: "Silver Linings Playbook" and "American Hustle," which gave him Best Director nominations at consecutive Golden Globes.

AGE 56: Spike Lee

Director/ Producer/ Writer

What makes him powerful: Lee directed a remake of Chan-woo Park's "Oldboy," one of the best Korean films ever made, and it completely bombed at the box office. The two-time Oscar nominee sought backing for his next film on Kickstarter, solidifying the site's status as a major influencer in entertainment as well as tech.

AGE 57: Bryan Cranston


What makes him powerful: Cranston won a Golden Globe for his performance in the emotionally-riveting drama "Breaking Bad," which ended its run in 2013. He will appear in this year's "Godzilla" reboot.

Another powerful 57-year-old: The iconic Tom Hanks appeared in the recent critical darlings, "Captain Phillips" and "Saving Mr. Banks."

AGE 58: Paul Greengrass


What makes him powerful: A director known for his dramatizations of real-life events, Greengrass snared a Golden Globe nomination for Best Director for his film, "Captain Phillips." The Oscar-recognized thriller follows the captain of a U.S. ship who is taken hostage by Somalian pirates, based on a real-life 2009 event.

AGE 59: Ron Howard


What makes him powerful: Howard thrilled the cultish fan base of "Arrested Development" when he resurrected the show on Netflix in 2013. Season four made award show history when its lead actor, Jason Bateman, earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a TV Comedy Series, despite the program being delivered online.

AGE 60: Oprah Winfrey

Media mogul

What makes her powerful: The creator of The Oprah Winfrey Network ventured once again onto the silver screen in 2013, and received a SAG nomination for her supporting role in "The Butler." The recently-turned-60-year-old celebrated with a star-studded birthday bash.

AGE 61: Liam Neeson


What makes him powerful: This Irish actor rose to prominence with his starring role in the 1993 Oscar winner, "Schindler's List." In 2014 alone, he will appear in six movies, including this month's "The Lego Movie" and "Non-Stop."

AGE 62: Bob Iger

CEO, Walt Disney Corp.

What makes him powerful: Iger was at the helm of Disney's $4 billion acquisition of Lucasfilm at the end of 2012; this year the new film mega-empire set the release date for the first of three more "Star Wars" movies for Dec. 18, 2015, so all of Hollywood has their calendars marked.

AGE 63: Harvey Levin

TMZ executive producer

What makes him powerful: The lawyer-turned-celebrity-news king founded TMZ, and shepherded its operations into TV. "TMZ Live" is a top-ranked talk show in the Fox markets, and is renewed through 2017.

AGE 64: Meryl Streep


What makes her powerful: Like a great wine, Streep's command on the big screen has only become more refined with age. She was just nominated again, unsurprisingly, for a Best Actress Oscar for "August: Osage County" after being nominated for the same award at the Golden Globes.

Another powerful 64-year-old: Jessica Lange currently stars in "American Horror Story," for which she's been nominated for Emmys many times over.

AGE 65: Samuel L. Jackson


What makes him powerful: One of the most esteemed actors of his time, Jackson is slated to appear in five movies in 2014, including "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." His character's origin story is rumored to play a critical role in the sequel.

AGE 66: Stephen King


What makes him powerful: The prolific novelist has had dozens of his works adapted for film, the most recent being a second version of his 1974 novel "Carrie." The film was remade last year starring Chloë Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore, and it was recently announced that his novel "It" will also be remade this year, in a two-part film.

AGE 67: Phil Robertson

Reality TV star

What makes him powerful: The patriarch of the "Duck Dynasty" family sparked a national conversation following controversial, anti-gay remarks he gave in an interview with GQ magazine. A&E Network suspended Robertson, and then reversed the decision.

Another powerful 67-year-old: Steven Spielberg has a net worth of $3.3 billion.

AGE 68: Helen Mirren


What makes her powerful: The "Phil Spector" star received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a TV Movie, and while she didn't win, Dame Helen is already busy on her next big project, "The Hundred-Foot Journey," due out in August.

AGE 69: Michael Douglas


What makes him powerful: Douglas won an Emmy and Golden Globe for his portrayal of Liberace in "Behind the Candelabra" — a role that he called "nirvana" after battling cancer and witnessing his son's imprisonment for selling crystal meth last year.

AGE 70: Robert De Niro


What makes him powerful: Nailing every role is what makes De Niro one of the greatest actors in history; he appeared only briefly in runaway hit "American Hustle," but proves that he can't be typecast as a mobster. The 70-year-old will be playing legendary boxing coach Ray Arcel in the upcoming movie "Hands of Stone."

AGE 71: Martin Scorsese


What makes him powerful: "The Wolf of Wall Street" became one of the most controversial films of the director's 50-year career. Scorsese, who's behind classics including "Taxi Driver," "Raging Bull," and "Goodfellas," publicly defended the glitzy, morally depraved comedy and will likely land his eighth best director Oscar nomination for it.

AGE 72: Martha Stewart

Media mogul and TV personality

What makes her powerful: As if running a global media empire — Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia — wasn't enough, the queen of all things home- and DIY-related still hosts a successful cooking show on PBS. She announced in April that she had joined Match.com, and is chronicling her quest for love on the "Today" Show.

AGE 73: Patrick Stewart


What makes him powerful: The "Star Trek" actor has no trouble keeping busy: He rang the opening bell at Twitter's IPO launch, married his jazz-singer girlfriend, and reprised his role as Professor Charles Xavier in "X-Men: Days of Future Past" — due in theaters in May.

Another powerful 73-year-olds: Roger Ailes is president of FOX News Channel, the #1 rated cable news network again in 2013.

AGE 74: John Voight


What makes him powerful: Not only has Voight given us powerful, award-winning performances like the one in the HBO series "Ray Donovan," but he's given us a talented daughter (Angelina Jolie) as well. The recent Golden Globe winner will have a major part in the upcoming movie about Ronald Reagan.

Another powerful 74-year-old: Sir Ian McKellen makes a splash in "The Hobbit" trilogy and on Broadway.

AGE 75: Ted Turner

Media mogul

What makes him powerful: Turner founded CNN, the first 24-hour news network, and built a fortune once worth $10 billion. The news titan received a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame a decade ago.

AGE 76: Ridley Scott


What makes him powerful: The man who gave us "Black Hawk Down" and "Gladiator" will be releasing his highly-anticipated "Exodus" this year. "Prometheus" fans can also rejoice, as Scott recently announced that he will be directing a sequel, due out sometime in 2015.

AGE 77: Robert Redford


What makes him powerful: The Sundance Kid became the comeback kid, snagging a Golden Globe nomination for his starring role in last year's "All Is Lost." He will play the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

AGE 78: Woody Allen


What makes him powerful: Allen was just awarded the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award, a powerful nod to the prolific 78-year-old. His most recent flick, "Blue Jasmine," was just nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Another powerful 78-year-old: Julie Andrews continues to be a major influencer in cinema. She got some nods last year with the live version of "Sound of Music" and the feature film "Saving Mr. Banks," about the creation of Mary Poppins.

AGE 79: Judi Dench


What makes her powerful: Dench has performed in nearly every Shakespeare, Chekhov, and Ibsen play, and takes the prestigious role of M in seven James Bond films. The five-time Oscar nominee's latest performance in the indie drama "Philomena" helped her snare a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Drama.

AGE 80: Joan Rivers

Entertainment journalist

What makes her powerful: As the most loved — and most hated — entertainment journalist on the red carpet, Rivers has access to practically everyone who's anyone in Hollywood. Her command of a conversation and brazen willingness to "go there" never fails to get her the best industry gossip.

AGE 81: Ellen Burstyn


What makes her powerful: Best known for her starring role in "Requiem for a Dream," Burstyn has nine movies currently in the works — including Christopher Nolan's star-studded space odyssey, "Interstellar," in theaters this November.

AGE 82: William Shatner


What makes him powerful: Best known as Captain Kirk of "Star Trek," Shatner is keeping busy as spokesperson for Priceline.com, is a published author, and an horologist — or a watch-designer.

AGE 83: Clint Eastwood

Actor / director / producer

What makes him powerful: A macho movie icon, Eastwood switches up his directorial M.O. this year with the